Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The Left

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What is it with Metiria Turei and her wanton lust for power at all costs?

Well one only has to look slightly down the hallway towards a wall of shiny teeth to see the answer to that.

Jacinda Adern is simply just flaky. Shes processed, manufactured and young, too young to run a country. For fucks sake shes the spend, spend, spend, spend, spend.... leader whereas Helen Clarke was the spend, spend spend leader.

Jacinda has not finished yet. She will spend your money like it was printed.

When Turei stole money and then committed electoral fraud that was one thing. To then come out and defend her position in such a bald faced way is simply deigning the obvious.

She has ripped off you, me and all the other hard working kiwis who see the benefit as a hand up. NOT a handout for as long as you need it'

She has also taken a lot of support with her but she undeniably has damaged the Green brand.

The majority of her support is now looking for a place to put their votes.

May I suggest David Seymour . A man with obvious talent. 

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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Help Little Sophia

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I had a stroke 5 years ago and lost everything at once My life my family my job my wife.
After years of trying to get my daughter back, I find myself in the position of asking others to help me.
It has cost me $50,000 so far and it looks like it going to cost me at least another $50,000.
I havent seen my daughter over the last 4 years for more than about 20 days in total.
Previously Sophia and me had been very close. We did everything together. Now her mum has been fighting me over access..
I don't want this to happen as there is only one person it really hurts - Sophia.
I want it to stop and for the interested parties to sit down around a table and talk.
Lawyers fees (THE BULK OF IT) and psychological and physiological reports and other costs.
Thank you :)

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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Danish Cartoon depicts Muslim faith for what it is(NOW with added blasphemy!)

I have published one of the cartoons that the 12 brave men and women who got shot to death today by 3 crazy Muslim bastards have published in the past.

We must not let them silence us.

Keep poking fun at all religions and all things that amuse you.

It is your right to do so.

I have so far resisted publishing these hilarious cartoons but have now entered the fray and expect a bit of a backlash.

These cartoons rightly parody the Muslim religion. They depict the prophet Mohamed and the Muslim religion for what it is: violent, nasty, dictatorial, murderous, cruel and unworkable in the modern world.

The mere fact that the Muslim world raises itself up with death treats and carries out murders and bombings against those who dare to criticise the religion, show the "faith" for what it really is.

"Moderate Muslims", if they truly exist, should counter all these death threats and extreme views against people's democratic right to free speech by publicly defending rights to free speech instead of joining the Muslim bandwagon and proclaiming some new jihad against the Western world.

These cartoons are moderate in their message compared to the message of Jihad
pushed daily by Muslim leaders.

I wait with baited breath but don't expect condemnation of this extremism by the Muslim world.

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Ex All Black, with Name Suppression, Gets Named

The man who was discharged and never allowed to be known is former Allblack Graham Thorne.

His discharge was at the middle of this year.

The guy responsible for naming him is Tau Henare

Detail of his offending can be found here.



Thursday, 18 September 2014

Thoughts before 20th September 2014

I just wanted to add a little piece of work before the election , just to get my head on straight.

This will be my first political piece before the election post my February 6 2012 incident, so bare with me.

I have already voted, 2 ticks blue as I have done for the last 5 elections.

I come from a Labour household, where they supposedly, looked after the working man.

My first 2 votes were for labour. I have grown up since then.

I could never vote for Labour again, unless they changed their high tax, high spending ways.

National are not my perfect idea for a political party, but they are the closest.

All the other parties, except ACT want an intrusion into your and your loved ones lives. I don't want to vote for ACT because, we'll I can't, they don't have a representative in the Hawkesbay.

The perfect party would want a much smaller role in the daily lives of everyone. Through business, social, and all aspects of life.

The main reason I'm voting National are their tax policies.

Labour want to introduce 5 new taxes and for that they are to be lambasted.

One I want to briefly talk about is their CGT.

They say they want to bring it in because it's fair, because it's in every OCED bar two, because it will put a stranglehold on property prices.?


Apart from the fact that their Spokeperson for finance can't explain it properly - really it would be hard for the most intelligent person explain it and he is no slouch in the brain department.

The fact is it is complicated.

In Australia, we're it was introduced in the mid 80s it was responsible for making the IRD increase in size BY a THIRD.

It's didn't do anything to house prices.

If you want to make our government even larger, complicate the tax system and put a drag on the economy. All taxes are a drag, no taxes are good, or fair or stimulate growth.

They have the opposite effect.