Sunday, 16 September 2007

At least Robin Hood was Honest: Labour will buy the 2008 Election

There is no doubt that Helen Clark and the sisterhood in the New Zealand Labour Party are feeling the heat at present.

With Clark finally succumbing in the polls completely to National, if there was an election today John Key and his buddies would govern on their own. The majority of the country at present prefers Key as its leader.

Clark and co are facing a continuing slide in the economy, failing pillars of the state apparatus in health, education, policing and every other sector of government involvement in our lives are under pressure.

The only success Labour have had is increasing state dependence through record welfare recipients and bloating state employees to a level where we may see some pen pushing, clipboard carrying, pen protector wearing drones move to use up Auckland office space because Clarke and her mates have exhausted supply down in the unproductive caverns and dark bureaucratic holes in Wellington.

You better believe though that the sisterhood deep within Labour will not relinquish the control that they have had over New Zealand, the Land of the long trousers, short hair and hairy pits, for control is what this lot crave and they will do almost anything in their power, and they have it in spades, to hold on to it.

The recent proposed changes to electoral law to make it easier for the incumbent to stay in Government and stifle democratic debate has been widely canvassed in sensible media of late. The hand-wringing Chris Trotters and Russell Browns of this world largely see nothing wrong with stopping debate if you disagree with a point of view so haven't critically covered this as yet.

The grab main grab for power by Labour isn't going to be seen until mid next year when they go to the public for a forth term in office.

Labour and Micheal Cullen have been stockpiling stolen taxpayer funds to the tune of billions of dollars and have so-far refused to hand it back to those who earnt it in the first place because it will not earn votes so far away from an election.

The cynical grab for power by promising to spend billions of dollars of taxpayer dollars on you if they get in is reminiscent of Muldoon's lavish social driven election promises in the late 1970s/early 80s except it will go further in 2008.

Taxpayers, business and therefore the economy have been bled dry over the last 8 years by high taxes and lavish government spending and instead of cutting taxes for the self-imposed economic disaster that they helped create they are going to target special interest groups next year with welfare inspired tax credits, more handouts to students, elderly groups, low income earners and immigrant sectors and some but not much money, will go back to the middle classes that earnt this money in the first place.

Of course these kinds of handouts are designed to maintain the control that Labour and the left in general require and lust for but the horrible thing is that they may even placate those same middle-classes that will fund the 2008 power grab.

Are the middle classes that stupid?

Can they not see what has happened? To be sure the old give with one hand and take with the other has been reversed but is the process so hidden that the majority of New Zealanders wont see this 2008 power grab for what it is?

At least Robin Hood was honest, with Dear Mr Hood you knew were going to be robbed and the proceeds were going to go to the poor but for Ms Helen Hood the bluntness of her arrow is probably to her advantage because while the recipient is clear where the arrow came from and where it is going to, the translation of one from the other is muddied with bureaucratic and citizens blood.

The taxpayer funded power grab began at the 2005 election and was successful, just.

Billions of the middle classes taxes were used to buy the votes of the very people who supplied the funding and got Labour the seat of power by around 50000 votes.

To be fair $800,000 of taxpayer moola was also stolen by Labour to fund a pledge card and that kind of politicking cannot be understated in the light of electoral reform bills proposed to become law this year and used to cover off spending in the 2008 election.

In 2008 though we are likely to see the biggest push using taxpayer dollars to re elect a government that we have ever seen in our electoral history.

Cynical, dangerous and morally corrupt? Sure, but it is up to those middle classes to take back the power that they have let go that their taxes represent.

To do otherwise would be to ultimately let themselves and their country down.

c Darren Rickard 2007

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Lest we forget 9/11

Not much has been written, in New Zealand, about those Americans that fell on September 11, 6 years ago. Our Labour politicians no longer consider Americans our friends and actively encourage those that are our enemies to make New Zealand their home.

The world changed on that day. The West is in constant fear of those that would force their way of life on us and we are reminded everyday when we watch what is unfolding in the Middle East, about what would happen if our freedoms were taken at the point of a gun or homicide bomber.

Those that are fighting the good fight in Iraq must be given the hero status that they deserve, for that is what they are. Heroes.

I give my thoughts to those that lost their lives on September 11 2001 and for those lost in Iraq and elsewhere who fought and are still fighting to keep our way of life the way it is.

Lest we forget.

c Darren Rickard 2007

Labour's State Control out of control

In the latest grasp by Helen Clark and the sisterhood for full state control of every New Zealander we see the Government apparatus, the Children’s Commission and its head Cindy Caro make another play for the control of the nations children.

Caro has put forward a lunatic idea that every child from new-born to 15 years old will be "tracked" by the state. What that means is visits from state appointed workers who will check on the child’s "wellbeing" and make sure that you as a parent are doing what you "should be."

If the parents of a child refuse Government employee’s access to the child, the child can be removed and placed in State care!

The absurdity of the idea is a smack in the face for the majority of families who look after their children well. Targeted action on those who are actually at risk, Maori and Pacific peoples, and proper punishment for those who perpetrate crimes against children are good steps in trying to combat child violence.

State propaganda advertising other socialist nut bag legislation recently passed, the anti -smacking law has recently started. Various Z grade celebrities like Alison Mau and the lefty sniveling "I know better than you," Russell Brown, listed by himself as some kind of journalist, spank themselves silly in print on TV and radio, giving the great unwashed public the benefit of their superior knowledge on child rearing and telling you therefore that your way is wrong, wrong, wrong- insert image of a wagging finger here.

This latest attack on the family is merely the continuation of the state control that has been engineered from the inception of this socialist Labour Government when it took control of the countries finances in 1999.

The overriding focus for Labour in its 8 long years has been law passed to seize control, piece by piece of every individual’s ability to run their lives in an independent way, self sufficient and self reliant.

Labour wants us to rely on the state as much as possible.

The list of Government interference in our lives is a long one.

Labour has passed the anti-smacking bill, the thrust of this law is that parents no longer have the right to challenge or punish children for doing wrong in anyway. If they do their children will be taken away and the parents punished by child welfare agencies. Screwy huh?

Labour removed the choice of individuals to smoke in pubs and restaurants and at the same time private property rights and profits of business owners.

Labour has interfered with food in schools by making such treats as pies and chips, who all sensible people know should only be eaten sparingly.

Labour have interfered in child minding and pregnancy by introducing paid maternity leave, to be paid by taxpayers and employees thereby forcing those families who would pay for their own children’s upbringing to work longer hours to pay the increasing taxes for the scheme.

Labour’s “Working for Families” Welfare package have effectively put another 500,000 individuals on welfare and therefore at the mercy and control of those who hold the purse strings

Labour have brought Railways and Air New Zealand under the state flag and TVNZ has moved towards more state control and failed miserably.

Labour have started a State bank, “invested” millions of taxpayer dollars and have yet to get a return and never will.

I hate to “Labour” the point but the thirst for control by these individuals is monotonous in its regularity.

Along with the looney laws, we have had a mountain of Government propaganda and spin in all the media about what should: eat,smoke, read, drink and how to raise our children and what our families should look like. We are constantly bombarded with these messages to the point that the more gullible and moronic amongst us start to believe what they see, read and hear.

Stalin and Hitler used these same forms of Government spin to get their message across. We are not at this point yet but follow the story of the last 8 years to its logical end.

While all the energy by this government being put into making New Zealand a nanny state is wasted, this countries economy, education, health slides further and further towards oblivion.

The trouble with all this finger wagging and State control is that its logical conclusion would be a state employee following every individual around constantly telling them what to and what not to do. Think that this can’t happen?

The undercurrent and aim of this Socialist Labour Government is to have effective control of everything that an individual does. Private enterprise and self reliance is an anathema to them and not to be encouraged at all, we only have to look at their attack on John Key and his success in life to see where this filthy lot are coming from.

The ultimate in socialist control and for the reigns of power to be held in their hands in perpetuity, is the Electoral Finance Bill, which would, if passed, allow the incumbent to spend taxpayers money promoting government legislation to buy an election while opposing groups to government will be restricted to $60000.00 and not be allowed to criticize government in an election year.

These pigs in the taxpayer trough must be stopped before they end up in bed next to us.

That is a scary thought.

c Darren Rickard 2007