Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Wednesday Political Soup: Edition 4

Mallard's Fisticuffs rewarded in Cabinet Reshuffle
Trevor Mallard and the new Labour Cabinet

While Helen Clark has been rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic today, her cabinet reshuffle excluded boffer boy Trevor Mallard from being demoted and therefore he has managed to walk away from the violence that he inflicted on Tau Henare last week.

No surprises that Clarke has let yet another Cabinet Minister off their responsibilities when they f up because that has been par for the course over the last 8 years. Almost a dozen ministers have been let off for their various crimes and not so mis-demeanor's.

Drunken driving, fraud, assault, dishonesty and corruption have been among the list of misadventures by ministers.

The driving force behind these lapses has of course been our own fearless leader.

Aunt Helen has stolen taxpayer money to fund an election, lied about passing the anti smacking bill, fraudulently applying her signature to a document, sped at 170km through a small town in her car and a multitude of other crimes that escape my memory at present.

She hasn't taken responsibility for any of these things

No wonder Duckman was let off the hook.

Playing snap has never been this much fun

News last week that Pita Sharples used the race card to get political exposure was rounded upon by Labour lap dog Winston Peters who agreed that yes Pita was using the race card and what was he doing using the card that he was accustomed to using leading up to an election year.

The race card was pulled out by political racist Sharples when he called the raids against terror suspects in the Uraweras racist against Maori, even though the suspects were training with illegal weapons, napalm and god knows what else-possibly army surplus swiss army knives.

Peters called snap on Pitas race card when he said Pita was using the race card by calling the raids racist and he was only doing it for political gain.

Pita subsequently snapped back that Peters was using the whole situation for political gain and criticism that he was doing the same was condemned as racist.

The game has continued but given that Peters is dressed much more immaculately than Pita, Peters is bound to win this game of snap.

Christ the race card is Peters game!

No news yet that Sharples isn't playing with a full deck.

Tizard the Joker in reshuffled Deck

Cartoon by Rod <span class= Cartoon by Emmerson

News today that the Auckland issues portfolio is going to be ditched can't be much of a surprise to the Minister Judith Tizard.

She has struggled to make any headway in the big smoke and the negative legacy of her mother as the Mayor of Auckland in the 1980s lingers in the Junior Tizard's failure to get Auckland traffic moving in a forward direction.

Perhaps the single biggest loser by her was her failure to get another habour crossing anywhere close to being built.

The aging bridge is in danger of collapsing but don't worry Judith has faith that it will stay upright.

Lets cross our fingers.

Cartoon: Emmerson

C Darren Rickard 2007

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

The Black Economy makes Sense

No the title of this post isn't really about slave labour but it might as well be.

New Zealanders have been beaten over the head over recent years regarding tax cuts. Labour has been taxing and spending their way through the last 8 years and National have promised to give back the stolen booty should they seize the Treasury benches in 2008.

What have these high taxes been doing to our economy and what do they do to economies in general though?

If New Zealand Inc was a business, apart from the fact that it would be a very small one on a global scale, its shareholders would be demanding higher dividends, more accountability for company spending and more investment back in the "business".

The high rate of tax removed from NZ Incs balance sheet hasn't gone back into productive spending, it has really been taken out of the business completely, washed through many levels of management and then spent on fast cars, big houses, expensive chocolate biscuits and left handed screw drivers for the company executives and their friends.

Certainly not the kind of spending that produces income and also not sustainable in the long run.

If this huge amount of tax money was allowed to stay in the business of New Zealand Inc then the company would clearly be manifold times better off than it is now and we would all benefit from some quite large special dividends.

Lowering taxes actually stimulates economies and business and in the long run more tax is collected because the business functions allot more efficiently because capital is not tied up or wasted in pockets burning to spend it on wasteful things.

One only has to look at economies with low tax rates to see how well they do. Ireland and Singapore are two excellent examples of how well economies do when they are not burdened with the weight of high taxes.

Of course the "black economy", where there is no tax and only two participants, the buyer and the seller, involved in the transaction, is the single most efficient form of economy or business there is.

The way of the world of recent decades has been to cut out the "middleman", chain stores like Walmart and The Warehouse get goods delivered directly to their warehouses instead of buying through an importer and most retail now works this way.

Perhaps the most obvious example of the middleman not longer taking his cut is business done through the Internet.

Musicians, writers, movie makers , individuals auctioning their household furniture and a whole host of entrepreneurs are now doing business without using a go between with his hand out taking a cut of your income.

It is so efficient, why wouldn't you!

This is why the Internet works so well for business. It is most like how the black economy in the "bricks and mortar" world works.

Lets strip out those extra burdens to business and economies, the high taxes, and then we will all prosper for our hard work, as we should.

Clearly there needs to be some sort of nominal tax, of about a 10% maximum, to allow defence and police to function but any more than that just encourages waste and inefficiency.

I wont hold my breath but it is worth writing about so at least it might plant a seed in some of my dear readers heads.

C Darren Rickard 2007

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Duck Season Extended: Trevor Mallard must go
Trevor takes out the Trash

You don't get comedy written this well. Trevor Mallard took a swing at Tau Henare and him square in the face in a Parliamentary corridor yesterday.

Mallards motivation was the taunting by Henare in chambers about Mallards personal life falling about his ears.

The main spark to the big ducks fire was the National Party member Henare calling Mallard a hypocrite for abusing Don Brash in Chambers last year about leaving his wife for a new partner 20 years ago, while all the while Trev had left his wife or was possibly cheating on her, although that cannot yet be confirmed.

Mallard was one of the collectivists who voted for the anti smacking bill this year, a bill supposedly passed to stop violence. The "h" word is clearly appropriate again.

Lets face it, Mallard is one if the most inappropriate people to be in the position he is in.

His nasty, venal and ugly form of politics is more at home in Muldoons era rather than the touchy feely PC hairiness of Helen Clark's far left smothering.

He can dish out the nastiness but cannot take it. He clearly ain't clever enough to use his intellect to retort so has to resort to fisticuffs.

The most interesting part of this whole saga though is the reaction of Clark and her sisterhood to the violence that Mallard has displayed.

If this had been Hehare throwing the punch you can be sure Helen and co would be baying for Henare's job and the language used by her to describe the incident would be forceful and straightforward.

Instead Mallard has apologised and Clark has done her best to sweep the whole thing under the carpet.

The double standards are obvious here.

The physical violence of Mallard is of course is only surpassed by the social, psychological and economic violence of Labour Party policies of the last 8 years, so the acceptance by the Labour Party of Mallards despicable behaviour could be at least understood somewhat.

Parliamentary rules require that such incidents require severe punishment even losing ones position in Parliament completely.

Clearly this needs to happen in this case and nothing short of Mallard losing his job should be acceptable to the New Zealand public, excluding nutcase Labour voters of course.

Real violence like this, isn't acceptable. Duckman has made a habit of this kind of offensive stuff, once threatening to place a large Heineken bottle up a prominent persons dark places. This should be the last post for him.

Any other person in any other job would be sacked instantly.

Duckman needs the bullet.

C Darren Rickard

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Wednesday Political Soup: Edition 3

Two Time Loser

Last week saw the Labour Party chief finger wagger Steve Maharey announce that he wasn't going to run for the 2008 Election but take up the offer by Massey University for the position of Vice Chancellor.

He was previously a student, then a lecturer at the University and after nearly 18 years in Parliament has never held a productive job in the private market sector in his life.

A perfect candidate for the Labour Party of course but both Labour and Massey University will be losers. Losers because Labour need an effective smarmy politico to push more nut case lefty social reforms and Massey are big losers because they are lumbered with a collectivist who will want to push the same sorts of "Labour Like" Socialist reforms on campus.

The only winners will be the New Zealand public who no longer have to put up with this control freak who was behind one of this countries biggest attacks on the family, the anti smacking law, that was passed earlier this year.

Say what?

Labour MP <span class=

Dillousional Labour MP
Darien Fenton.

From the department of silly walks and departmental office of equidistant paper clips comes news this week that Labour wants to outlaw working over 40 hours per week.

That is, not just lowering the working week and allowing workers overtime rates after that but making it illegal to work more than 40 hours!

State worshiper and freedom hater, Labour MP Darien Fenton says, "employees currently work too hard". She says the grind of long hours at the office is, "causing too much stress".

Surely individuals are big enough and ugly enough to decide whether they want to work or not eh Darien?

No, not Ms Fenton, a lifelong union "advocate" and succubus of the working man.

Quite apart from the stupidity of Fenton's idea, the chaos that it would cause employers , employees and the economy would be horrendous and would be vast and far reaching.

Employees would have to apply for state assistance to provide additional income and employers would have to find extra imaginary employees to fill the vacuum left.

It fits the Socialist argument that everyone should be equal though, and that of course extends to income, where Labour's bright idea for a 40 hr week would be yet another tool to achieve that end.

France tried the 35 hr week and it nearly sunk their economy. They are of course now trying to move away from that sort of nonsense.

Let them eat Cake

"A lie told often enough becomes truth" Lenin

Tax cuts are on the agenda again this week.

Yes Micheal "Fiscal Drag" Cullen has been making excuses again in Parliament as to why he wont give back the money he has stolen in high taxes to those that earned the money in the first place.

This quote may help out readers of this column:

"The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation" Lenin

bourgeoisie with middle classes and you get what Cullen and Helen Clark are doing to New Zealand's new proletariat.

Nanny State worshiper Helen Clark is also a disciple of Lenin and seems intent on grinding the masses to a lifeless pulp or until most of them leave to live in Australia.

Cullen and Clark are not about to relinquish the control that they have over the hapless middle class that comes with high taxes.

Any "tax relief" in the grab for control next election year will come in the from of State sanctioned or controlled benefits, like the "working for families" welfare package and bribes that have some sort of State apparatus attached to them for absence of the State means no control over the people:

"When there is state there can be no freedom, but when there is freedom there will be no state" Lenin

PC Banging

Almost the end of a Kiwi institution this Guy Fawkes Day when a multitude of restrictions come into use over the sale and restriction of fireworks.

Sure, fireworks are dangerous but they are also fun and the labeling last year by David Benson "Tennis Ball" Pope of Kiwis who like to have a little fun with fireworks as "naughty boys and girls" and if they don't behave public use of fireworks will be made illegal is more than a little over the top when one considers what Mr Pope used to do with school pupils in his days as a teacher in Tauranga.

State sanctioned hand wringing will be De rigour again this year and it is possible that State run firework displays will be sanctioned by the anointed should New Zealand have the misfortune of morons having them elected again in 2008.


Pick me: Moreu, Stuff, Thursday, Oct 25

Cartoon of the Day
Pick me

c Darren Rickard 2007

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Wednesday Political Soup: Edition 2

Do ya think we are suckers ?

The vacuum of ideas that is the Labour Party Front bench never ceases to underwhelm.

The spectre of The National Party selling state assets to enable them to return a decent amount of capital to investors, in this case the taxpayer, is a case in point.

In recent days in the house the Labour Sisterhood takes every opportunity to attack the opposition that they will take the country "back to the bad old days" of the 1990s when the market ruled and greed was good.

Under performing taxpayer assets should be sold and even Labour agrees because they have sold and continue to sell taxpayer assets to this day. They forget that they started the ball rolling in the 1980s.

When the National Party suggest market led policy though Labour screams capitalist pig but when Labour sell taxpayer assets it is because "we can put the proceeds into better performing assets to get a better return", so said Trevor "looks like a duck, must be a duck" Mallard in Parliament today.

The suggestion by Bill English that schools might be financed and built by the private sector sends Steve "smarmy from Palmy" Mahary apoplectic but the financing of hundreds of private schools and state funded handouts to "early childhood centres has smarmy hiding his large head in a dark place indeed.

The crowning jewel is the kerfuffle over the so-called cap on doctors fees.

National wanted to remove the "cap" and let competition decide but Labour and the shrill left from the socialist pulpit decried that as crass and cruel.

The funny part of this is that there really isn't a cap under Labour.

Doctors are allowed to increase their rates by any amount they see fit. Increases are put before a board and so far none have been disallowed.

The only difference between National's proposal and Labour's current regime is that Labour have employed another platoon of bureaucrats to administer the board.

In the Labour heartland of Glenfield, one of the poorest areas of Auckland's North Shore, doctors are charging $60 a time. Not the less than 20 bucks that the hypocrites from Labour have lathered themselves up about.

The song is getting tired girlie's put on another MP3.

Cullen's Dogma eats its Tail

In the light of Australian Conservative leader John Howard promising major tax cuts next year for all Australians, Minister of Finance in New Zealand Micheal"Ive got your money and you ain't getting it back unless its through welfare" Cullen continues to prevaricate and prostrate himself into a frenzied soap-less lather over when and who is going to get a tax cut before next years big buy up election.

Cullen continues to mislead and treat kiwis like mushrooms, that an across the board tax cut wont help the "needy" and will help those "rich" instead, that is those on incomes over $40,000.00 dollars.

It isn't true to say that those that earn more are better off when taxes are cut because proportionally they pay more tax as the tax rates go up. They are actually penalised . The very opposite of what this pathetic socialist monetary historian would have us believe.

If you were to do what Howard has done though and make the first $10000.00 and more in the future, dollars tax free and cut the top tax rates you benefit everyone equally and you help out those on low incomes the most PLUS, wait for it, you give everyone the incentive to do better and work harder because the top tax rates are lower!

Sadly Cullen's dogma wont let him see reason and because he wants control, his tax cuts come in the form of welfare through his oxymoronic titled "working for Families" welfare package.

Local Hero's

Finally, the local council elections last week across New Zealand saw a huge move to the conservatives.

In Auckland, my local patch, the face for radio, Dick "Serial Killer" Hubbard, was sunk by the aptly named "Banksie".

Banksie has promised to stem Dick's out of control spending, when at one silly stage ratepayers were forking out 70,000 bucks for Somali families to call back home to see if elections were going OK.

That is not a joke.

Hubbard was a Labour backed lackey frequently seen on the lap of Helen Clark, our fearless Prime minister.

On Auckland's North Shore, where I live, George "If you cant afford increased rates then bugger off somewhere else" Wood was ousted for his lavish spending on overseas travel, a $40,000.00 council chocolate biscuit bill and a fleet of council vehicles so large stacked end to end would reach to the moon and land on that expensive white elephant the North Shore Busway, should a small wind blow.

Elsewhere, noted lefties and local radio racists Willie "one eyed" Jackson and John "Good Cop" Tamihere where spectacular failures in their quests to get the mayoral chains.

Jackson was heard to say on radio the next day that uncontested "Maoori Seats should be brought in so people like him could represent "their" people.

South Aucklanders were the clear winners for Little Willies absence.

Greed is Good

Emerson, NZ Herald, Thursday October 11 2007

C Darren Rickard 2007

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Global Warming: Power to the People

The grab for more taxes by the Labour Government increased this week.

In the week where a NZ$8.7 billion dollar surplus for the last financial year was announced, it seems lunacy that the nanny state would want to steal even more of your money right out of your pocket.

But yes siree Darryl and Sharon New Zealand, you are about to be right royally frisked again because the power you are using is not "sustainable" and therefore you will be taxed to pay for the damage they say you are doing to the environment because of it.

You see the Labour Governments latest tax is being foisted upon us in the form of "fear" taxes, new taxes that will come about because of the left and Greens adherence to the lunatic man made "global warming" lie.

I'm not here to argue the merits of the man made "global warming" movement because quite frankly it has none.

The "science" on which it is based is severely flawed despite what the leftist politicians, green freaks and the self proclaimed inventor of the Internet and Nobel Prize winner, Al "I'm running for President " Gore tells you.

For goodness sake do some objective reading people!

The sinister undertone of all this green washing from the GW proponents is that it is a push for imbecile individual knuckle draggers like Gore to make money out of the fear and lies that they are spreading and for Governments around the world to raise taxes.

It just so happens that Helen Clarke, the Prime Misinster of New Zealand and her Sisterhood, through the bequest of Jenette Fitzsimons from the Green Party, because they hold the balance of power, seem to be at the vanguard of this movement to tax New Zealanders for living their normal lives.

New Zealand is going to have to rely on wind power and solar energy to power our economy, according to David Parker, the Chief idiot and slopey fore headed one charged to drive Kiwis back to the middle ages.

According to Parker, we need to be driving electric vehicles, using public transport and doing away with old appliances.

Jenette Fitzsimons goes a step further and wants the size of large screen TVs restricted.

Remember these are the people who like to tell us what to do and have changed laws to get us to eat, drink, smoke,watch and listen to what they want us to.

Restricting our right to parent by removing our ability to lightly smack indolent children its another moral crime they are guilty of.

Certainly, Jenette Fitzsimions lack of morals and boundaries also crosses into the financial sphere.

We have our very own New Zealand Al Gore in Fitzsimons.

While Gore is making hundreds of millions of dollars from his ownership of a fund that puts its money into the carbon free environment that he is slavishly advocating, our little Jenette is doing similar stuff here in NZ.

You see Fitzsimons is the 6th largest shareholder in a company called Windflow Technologies, a company that is developing the very technology that she advocates for and has changed New Zealand laws to benefit her company.

Like Gore, Fitzsimons doesn't make her biases clear when discussing the mushrooming of these visual polluters all over our countryside. We cant have Shania Twain having her house show on a ridge near Queenstown eh Jenette, but we can have these monstrosities covering the nation just so you can get rich from your shareholding in WT.

The Green taxes that Fitzsimons and the Clark sisterhood want to impinge on Kiwi individuals isn't about "saving the planet" or reducing pollution.

It is actually about wealthy green tinged individuals making money, state control and raising taxes to re-distribute them to those individuals too lazy to work and to those 3rd world countries who form a bloc in the UN, that want to lay their hands on Western nations money because they have successfully developed their economies and the 3rd world hasn't.

Aunty Helen, Fitzsimons and their lap dog David Parker clearly want to punish those individuals in society that have made a success of their lives through hard work and innovation and NZ as a whole.

Of course, that is the way of socialism an ism that they all slavishly follow.

The lack of a spiritual and religious base for these 3 collectives and their mates is being fulfilled by the new religion of worshipping at the foot of the Global Warming crusade.

Like all religions the GW movement is based on fairy tales, superstition, fear, greed and jealousy and it is going to end in confrontation.

The sensible among us mustn't be silent against the bias of left wing media that would have you believe that GW is an issue. It clearly isn't.

Let the war begin.

c Darren Rickard 2007

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Wednesday Political Soup: Edition 1

Robin Hood Collects More

I have been sick recently but back in the saddle here and at my other blog , now lets rip into them.

Bizarre stuff that Micheal Cullen, otherwise known as Robin Hood in Parliament and his Socialist mates from the NZ Labour Party keep stating that tax cuts by National would lead to inflation because Kiwis would have the temerity to spend their own money on goods and services but reckless spending by Labour on "working for families" welfare, free money and nonsense "social Spending" for students doesn't have the same effect.

I will let readers work that one out for themselves.

The 8.7 Billion dollar question in Parliament today was whether Labour was going to give back taxpayers money soon or closer to November 2008. Seeing a national election is held around that time the only answer left to ask is how much of our money is to be used to buy votes.

Cullen is tight lipped on the possibility of tax cuts next year. Remember this man promised a 66 cent tax cut, that is 66c for the average person but changed his mind when he decided he was going to waste the cut by spending on new glasses for him and wrinkle fee pants for the time next year when John key walks all over his lunatic economic theories.

The 8.7 Billion dollar surplus revealed today has burnt more than a hole in Cullen's pocket.

Romantic Movies

Unsurprising news released today that noted Stalinist Helen Clark's favourite movie is the bio of young South American mass murderer and torturer Che Guevara – The Motorcycle Diaries starring Gael Garcia Bernal.

Che, you looked so handsome and dashing on your motorcycle! But you were even more handsome and dashing when you were terrorizing Cuban peasants, blowing their skulls to bits with your personal sidearm! You romantic Stalin-loving poet you!

Of course our own Aunty Helen is also a great fan of the totalitarian Stalin, incidentally also a mass murderer, torturer and democracy hater.

Both Che and Stalin helped lead their people to starvation and poverty.

Clarke is clearly obsessed with bringing the best parts of Stalin and Che's ideas to life down here in the South Pacific.

Match that with the Swedish Model and you have yourself a recipe for our own wee totalitarian state right here in godzone .

I can't wait!!

I'm not sure that Clarke's pronouncements today that she wanted the death penalty stopped in all countries of the world where it operates, stack up with her love of these two benevolent leaders.

An individual who murders, rapes and tortures another member of society surely deserves the death penalty doesn't he Darren?

Hang on a second I'm missing the point!

Che and Stalin only knocked off the good people.

Winston: Cool, Smooth, Satisfying

New this week that Winston Peters, Helen Clark's lapdog and former Rottweiler has ffd up big time by failing to inform his master that Air New Zealand was ferrying OZ troops to Iraq has him scurrying about the media and Parliament like the sewer rat that he clearly is.

His decades of going after rule breakers and getting them to take responsibility look shallow in the face of Peters failing to fall on his own sword and the longer he stays the nuttier he gets.

The Italian number looks a little creased big boy.

Mt. Saint Helen

C Darren Rickard 2007