Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Wednesday Political Soup: Edition 1

Robin Hood Collects More

I have been sick recently but back in the saddle here and at my other blog , now lets rip into them.

Bizarre stuff that Micheal Cullen, otherwise known as Robin Hood in Parliament and his Socialist mates from the NZ Labour Party keep stating that tax cuts by National would lead to inflation because Kiwis would have the temerity to spend their own money on goods and services but reckless spending by Labour on "working for families" welfare, free money and nonsense "social Spending" for students doesn't have the same effect.

I will let readers work that one out for themselves.

The 8.7 Billion dollar question in Parliament today was whether Labour was going to give back taxpayers money soon or closer to November 2008. Seeing a national election is held around that time the only answer left to ask is how much of our money is to be used to buy votes.

Cullen is tight lipped on the possibility of tax cuts next year. Remember this man promised a 66 cent tax cut, that is 66c for the average person but changed his mind when he decided he was going to waste the cut by spending on new glasses for him and wrinkle fee pants for the time next year when John key walks all over his lunatic economic theories.

The 8.7 Billion dollar surplus revealed today has burnt more than a hole in Cullen's pocket.

Romantic Movies

Unsurprising news released today that noted Stalinist Helen Clark's favourite movie is the bio of young South American mass murderer and torturer Che Guevara – The Motorcycle Diaries starring Gael Garcia Bernal.

Che, you looked so handsome and dashing on your motorcycle! But you were even more handsome and dashing when you were terrorizing Cuban peasants, blowing their skulls to bits with your personal sidearm! You romantic Stalin-loving poet you!

Of course our own Aunty Helen is also a great fan of the totalitarian Stalin, incidentally also a mass murderer, torturer and democracy hater.

Both Che and Stalin helped lead their people to starvation and poverty.

Clarke is clearly obsessed with bringing the best parts of Stalin and Che's ideas to life down here in the South Pacific.

Match that with the Swedish Model and you have yourself a recipe for our own wee totalitarian state right here in godzone .

I can't wait!!

I'm not sure that Clarke's pronouncements today that she wanted the death penalty stopped in all countries of the world where it operates, stack up with her love of these two benevolent leaders.

An individual who murders, rapes and tortures another member of society surely deserves the death penalty doesn't he Darren?

Hang on a second I'm missing the point!

Che and Stalin only knocked off the good people.

Winston: Cool, Smooth, Satisfying

New this week that Winston Peters, Helen Clark's lapdog and former Rottweiler has ffd up big time by failing to inform his master that Air New Zealand was ferrying OZ troops to Iraq has him scurrying about the media and Parliament like the sewer rat that he clearly is.

His decades of going after rule breakers and getting them to take responsibility look shallow in the face of Peters failing to fall on his own sword and the longer he stays the nuttier he gets.

The Italian number looks a little creased big boy.

Mt. Saint Helen

C Darren Rickard 2007

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