Sunday, 23 December 2007

Political Animal: Best and worst of 2007

In the spirit of this season and in the spirit of giving, Political Animal would like to hand out presents for those politicians who went above and beyond the call of duty to single themselves out for attention in 2007.

Lets face it politics is a dirty business, and politics has been especially filthy this year.

It hasn't escaped me this time of year, you creationists out there may have been looking for evidence of Darwin's evolution and modern humans relationship to our cousins the apes, and one doesn't have to look further than Parliament in Wellington to see clearly that some modern humans have failed to evolve and apes they still are.

Nail in Labour's Coffin

Emmerson NZ Herald 19 Dec 2007

In fact some in the Labour Party clearly fail to reach ape like status.

Anyway, that is enough of the serious stuff, lets get on with Political Animal's inaugural 2007 best and worst of Politics.

Man of the year

John Boscowan, for showing opposition to the Electoral Finance Act, putting his money where his mouth was and organising huge opposition to to the fascist, Stalinist, bill that will remove free speech in election year 2008.

His courage and conviction for such a noble cause, in the face of Labour lies and innuendo, where there is usually little courage and no conviction instills pride into myself and others who marched down this countries streets to fight for our rights to have our say.

Boscawan is an individual whose qualities are rarely seen in New Zealand.

He stands above all others.

Disgrace of the year

The passing of the Electoral Finance Bill.

Whopper Lie of the year (sponsored by Burger Kings vegan vege burger)

Sue Bradford, former Miss New Zealand and now Green Party member told parliament that her anti smacking bill wasn't introduced to stop parents from smacking their kids lightly to stop them from crossing the road without looking and then when the bill became an act she said this was the kind of scenario that the bill was passed for.

Best punch and bully of 2007:

The obvious choice for this is of course Trevor "The Bash" Mallard, for trying to deck Tau Henare in Parliament and then unwisely picking on several women state workers, forgetting of course that his boss is a woman....hmmmmm....oh come on Darren that is a cheap shot.

Wanker of the year (sponsored by Durex condoms)

It just has to be that best dressed clothes horse and Taurangas answer to Don King, the heavyweight boxing promoter, Winston Peters.

There is so much material about Peters in 2007 that puts him in the Wanker of the year category. His intellectual masturbatory "gifting" of $158,000 of taxpayer money to a children's hospital instead of giving it back to those it belongs to defies logic.

We all know Winnie and logic fast became strangers when he confused his balls for baubles in 2005 and decided to take the booty instead of smacking the booty of Clarke and co.

His curious affection for Condi Rice also has tongues wagging in Wellington and closer to home, the marital bed.

Leader of the year

John Key, the Leader of the National opposition party finished the year as the most preferred Prime minister and so did his party, by a country mile. He is a man who's time has come and 2008 could be his year.

Disappointment of the year

Once again John Key, he voted for the piece of crap anti smacking bill and systematically drove a wedge into his major support.

Hot air award (sponsored by Exxon Mobil)

To those of all political parties who continue to support the myth and lie of man made global warming and are heading New Zealand on a path of economic destruction and poverty not seen since the great depression and the poppy rush in Europe 400 odd years ago, for no good reason other than politics, taxation and control.

Fool of the year

Micheal Cullen wins streaks ahead of anyone else for this category.

A collective who is so confused by how economies work he thinks governments can spend taxpayer money and not have an effect on an economy but when individuals and companies spend their own money they do!

October 2011 will see this historian look back on 2008 and see that his tax cuts of that year were too little too late for the economy and also failed to have himself and his mate Helen reelected.

Quote of the year (sponsored by Carbon footprints)

"scumbag, scumbag, scumbag, rich prick.." all directed at John Key in the house in December and sums up in 3 words what Cullen and the Labour Party think about those that have made a success of themselves in life.

As long as you don't do better than anyone in the Labour Party, who are ironically mostly from very privileged backgrounds, then you are above reproach.

Micheal Cullen, extremely wealthy himself, not that here is anything wrong with that, should be praising those that do well.

Dope/s of the year

Nandor Tanchos and his party the Greens for railing against gambling, smoking, alcohol, fatty and sugary foods while at the same time advocating the use of marijuana and"party pills" .

Defies belief and conscious thought.

Perhaps the Greens were unconscious when taking their stance on the "ills of society".

Positive media stance of the year

The New Zealand Herald's stance on the Electoral Finance Act. Never before has any media got it so right.

Disgraceful media stance of the year

Russell Brown, John Campbell, Chris Trotter, Al Gore, Findlay MacDonald, and his wife and their mates from NZ's overwhelmingly leftist media pushing the spin that the left do so well.

Repeat a lie often enough and eventually people will believe it.

Racist of the year

Willie Jackson from Radio Live, who calls himself a "Political Animal", he is right on the last part.

Willie gets off on calling people who disagree with him racist while at the same time peddling something akin to the likes of Mugabe.

Little Willie, as his wife affectionately calls him, is also on the state tit and definitely has a face for radio.

To be avoided in 2008.

Caught in the headlights award (sponsored by Wilson Tennis Raquets)

To David Benson Pope for not seeing the car driven by Helen Clark, at 170km pr hr, speeding to cut him down for stuffing tennis balls in children's mouths 20 years ago while still a teacher.

Broadcaster of the year(sponsored by Newstalk ZB)

Leighton Smith, for saying it like it is on his morning show on NewsTalk ZB.

Talkback straight to the point and with intelligence, Smith took no prisoners in 2007. His education of those ignorant to the garbage extolled by the global warming zealots was a high point.

Essential listening for 2008. (back late January)

Loser of the year (sponsored by the New Zealand Labour Party)

The last but not least category is taken out by none other than our favourite Aunt, Helen Clark.

Helen takes out this years award for loser of the year for one main reason, although there are a myriad of others.

Helen managed to take her party from being ahead in the polls and her as Prime ministerial fave, to sinking any chance that her party might have in the 2008 Elections.

She got it wrong all the way through 2007.

The anti smacking bill, Electoral Finance Bill and the failure to be punished for stealing $800,000.00 of taxpayer money to buy the 2005 election were all black marks against her and her party.

The arrogance and high handedness and the dictatorial nature of her leadership let her down time and time again and even long time Labour supporters are questioning their allegiance to a person who would pass laws to stop free speech and interfere with their lives as individuals.

Political Animal wishes all its readers a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful and overwhelmingly prosperous New Year.

C Political Animal 2007

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Electoral Finance Act: The Vote

The Electoral Finance Bill was passed into law today with a 63 to 57 vote majority.

Peter Dunne and his party, United Future, withdrew their support for the bill at the last minute and two votes were lost. Dunne said he still believed in the bill but public support indicated he should drop his stance of support for the Act.

He is probably to be despised even more than the other 63 supporters of this Act because he supports suppression of free speech but hasn't got the balls to follow his convictions because he is trying to save his hide for 2008.

Amended list of MPs who voted for the Electoral Finance Act

Herald's take on today's vote

C Political Animal 2007

Historical day as New Zealand loses democratic freedom

The Electoral Finance Bill was passed at approximately 5.15pm Tuesday 18, 2007.

Never before in my 42 years of existence have I ever seen such an anti democratic and unbridled attempt to hold on to the reigns of power, aside states such as Mugabe's Zimbabwe, Putin's Russia, Stalin’s Russia, Mao's China, Mbeke's South Africa and Hitler’s Germany.

We have seen the death of free speech today, unless you are the Labour Government and you can purchase it with taxpayer’s money by trumpeting your “achievements” through state agencies.

In a democratic society you have to be allowed to speak your mind without fear and that means the freedom to critique or advocate for a government or opposition. The Electoral Finance Act means you can’t do that.

In fact in a free democracy it means that even if you disagree with what I or someone lease says you have to defend my right to have that view even if it pisses you off.

That essential part of our democracy is now missing and we now must vote to remove those freedom haters who removed our rights today to have our say.

C Political Animal 2007

Tuesday 18 December 2007: The death of democracy

If one were the suspicious type one might think that news out yesterday about the Eden Park Stadium was designed to take the Electoral Finance Bill off the front page, not me of course but I have a long memory and can dredge up the fact Trevor "The Bash" Mallard put out the waterfront stadium proposal last year to coincide with news that Labours' Phillip Field was being charged with various serious offences and the Anti smacking bill was on the agenda.

I just wanted to memorilise my disgust today at the passing of the Electoral Finance Bill before we lose our democratic rights.

It is without a doubt the saddest day in our democratic history and when looked back on with more clarity and purpose we will see it as a turning point for the condition our country is in, if Labour gets voted back in again in 2008.

It seems though that voters could be slowly putting up a middle finger to all this but I believe the turn in public opinion as to who they would back if an election was held today, now overwhelmingly National, has more to do with the modus operandi of Labours' Ministers, epitomised by Trevor Mallard's bullying ways and Micheal Cullen's "Scumbag" and "rich prick" comments in Parliament recently.

The public are largely unaware of the importance of the EFB because of Labours' lies about its intention but Kiwis cant stand their arrogant, nasty, vengeful, and Stalinist attitudes and if an election was held today National would govern alone.

Taxpayer money though is being readied to bribe us in 2008 like we have been never been bribed before and you can be sure that Labour would do anything to keep the reigns of power for another 3 years.

Please take a moment today to listen to the debate and also take a moment of silence to lament the death of your democracy.

C Political Animal 2007

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Mike Moore turns the knife on Electoral Finance Bill

Mike Moore, former Labour Prime Minister and thorn in Helen Clark's arse takes another swing at the fascists voting for the Electoral Finance Bill.

The NZ Herald has once again given Moore an avenue to vent and once again I congratulate them for their commonsense attack on this Bill. Shame they don't have the same commonsense when it comes to their bizarre support of "climate change". We live in hope!

This bill is set to pass this week after much stalling by the National opposition and will be in force by January 1 2008.

The coming week is the darkest in our democracy's history because it will mean the end of free speech in an election year.

There are no foreign powers making comments at the death of democracy here, nobody seems to care that this sleepy little once free land in the South Pacific is turning into a bright yellow fascist/communist banana.

Will you care next year when you have to keep your mouth shut?

Its too late baby, its gone.

C Political Animal 2007

Moore continues attack on controversial Electoral Finance Bill

11:50AM Sunday December 16, 2007

Mike Moore has continued his attack on the Electoral Finance Bill.

The former Labour Prime Minister has today labelled the piece of legislation as fatally flawed. He says the restrictions in the electoral finance law, promised by the Government to be passed next week in Parliament, are without precedent in the free world.

Mike Moore says the bill is wrong in principle and in substance and will end up doing the opposite of what its authors expected.

The fresh comments come in response to Invercargill mayor Tim Shadbolt's promise he will continue to run ads against funding cuts at Southern Institute of Technology, even if the bill passes and he is breaking the law.

Mike Moore launched a public attack on Prime Minister Helen Clark earlier this year, comparing her to Robert Muldoon.

C NZ Herald 2007

Peter Bauble's giving him big trouble

In the wake of Winston "Baubles" Peters striving, and failing, to attain positive recognition from the press and public earlier on this week by gifting $158,000.00 of taxpayer funds used to fund his 2005 election campaign, to the Starship Children's Hospital, instead of paying it back like he should have, we are likely to see not only another grab at the headlines in the coming days by trying to flog off the illegitimate funds to another charity but a flailing of arms and lips over the latest bid for Auckland Airport.

The mental masturbation of this individual has exploded all over his own face.

Peter's railed against the two previous bids by Dubai Aerospace Enterprise and The Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board and will be grabbing it with both hands again next week and giving it a good tug for airtime.

This nitwit really doesn't understand that individual shareholders like myself have property rights and it ain't up to the likes of this closet Lenin lover to rain on my rights as a property owner.

He must be reminded by voters like you and me that grandstanding for airtime, just for the sake of exposure doesn't make you right or get you the exposure that you desire.

He is manipulative, selfish, arrogant, untrustworthy and an unmitigated liar.

Lets kick him under the kerb.

C Political Animal 2007

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Thursday, 13 December 2007

Waiting for the backlash

Emmerson, NZ Herald, Dec 12 2007- "Shallow and error-prone"

The Herald is facing a backlash from Helen Clark for their strong
stand against the Electoral Finance Bill, she doesn't like opposition
and the EFB removes that in election year.

The latest stupidity from the Labour/Peter's Government, Winston"Baubles" Peters, paying back ill gotten taxpayer money to a children's hospital instead of the Auditor General, is merely another in a long list of arrogant, unlawful, stupid, malicious and corrupt practices that Helen and her hangers on have foisted upon us over the last 8 long years.

I'm just wondering to myself, when is there going to be a backlash?

Where is the anger, the outrage, the venom, has Clark's regime breed the mongrel out of us?

There have been touches of it, with street protests against the Electoral Finance Bill, but those were tame. In Australia cars would be burned in the streets if their leaders tried this sort of fascist stuff!

We watched our judicial system tumble when Labour pulled down the august pillars of the Privy council appeals without a whimper.

Little was done when Kiwis' rights as parents to discipline their children by having the capacity to smack was removed.

Attempts at dissolving property rights, the intervention of Clark's nanny statists to tell us what to eat, watch, listen to, breathe and teach us "appropriate" ways to talk to those who offend against our persons least we hurt their feelings were met with a whimper of dissent, even from the National "opposition".

The arrogance of a leader and those under her who believe they are above those that they work for is truly mind blowing. Speeding through a small town at 170km per hr to go to a rugby game and blaming several policemen by allowing them to be charged. Mugabee and other tin pot dictators would be proud and we presumably were too because few bothered to raise a voice let alone a middle finger.

Making theft of taxpayer money to buy an election legal after the fact is clearly a breach of the very moral and indeed legal fibre that most Kiwis presumably live by and I would have thought that even the loony left who voted for Labour, NZ First, The Greens, The Maori Party, United Future and Jim Anderton, would have stood up to be counted, considering they are implicit in the crime of buying votes with stolen taxpayer money.

Surely the guilt must be eating away at their conscience?

The gutter snipe attacks in Parliament by sniveling little Stalin adherents, like Micheal Cullen and Trevor "The Bash" Mallard against the leader of the opposition, John Key, for dragging himself out of poverty and making a success of himself in the finance world and accumulating wealth is truly without parallel.

"Scumbag, scumbag, scumbag" "rich prick" sums up Cullen's attitude to those that might have worked hard and made money, his use of terms like this, especially in Parliament, show him for what he and his party are.

Arrogant, self serving, jealous of those that have done better and career politicians who wouldn't have a way of making a living outside government, a government department or a union and supporters seem to lap up this sort of childish playground stuff because they probably feel the same.

We shouldn't be hacked off and angry like Dr Cullen because an individual might have made a success of his life through hard work and accumulated wealth we should be angry at those who deride those successful people!

Is it not the Kiwi way to get pissed off when your freedoms are being chipped away or is it up to the likes of people like me to motivate you off your couch and get yelling "we are as mad as fuck and we are not going to take it anymore!!"

We have seen any possible anger subside come the last two elections because Labour have bought voters by promising taxpayer moola for their back pockets and any opposition is conveniently forgotten.

I will be here to remind you in 2008 to stay angry, if you are, and use that anger in a positive way by choosing not to vote for those that want your freedoms quashed, and not let you be tempted by my taxpayer dollars to dissipate that anger and vote for your wallet.

C Political Animal 2007

List of MPs who voted for the Electoral Finance Bill(amended list)

The following is a list of those individuals who must hang their heads in shame for what they have done in passing The Electoral Finance Bill, they all voted for the Bill which will severely restrict New Zealander's right to free speech.

It will be a sad day when this Bill passes next week and the following must be remembered for all time for what they have done to their own country.

New Zealand Labour 49; New Zealand First 7; Green Party 6; Progressive 1

Ann Hartley LABOUR [ List MP ]
Annette King LABOUR Rongotai
Ashraf Choudhary LABOUR [ List MP ]
Charles Chauvel LABOUR [ List MP ]
Chris Carter LABOUR Te Atatu
Clayton Cosgrove LABOUR Waimakariri
Damien OConnor LABOUR West Coast-Tasman
Darien Fenton LABOUR [ List MP ]
Darren Hughes LABOUR Otaki
Dave Hereora LABOUR [ List MP ]
David Benson-Pope LABOUR Dunedin South
David Cunliffe LABOUR New Lynn
David Parker LABOUR [ List MP ]
Dianne Yates LABOUR [ List MP ]
Dover Samuels LABOUR [ List MP ]
George Hawkins LABOUR Manurewa
Georgina Beyer LABOUR [ List MP ]
Harry Duynhoven LABOUR New Plymouth
Helen Clark LABOUR Mt Albert
Jill Pettis LABOUR [ List MP ]
Jim Sutton LABOUR [ List MP ]
Judith Tizard LABOUR Auckland Central
Lianne Dalziel LABOUR Christchurch East
Lynne Pillay LABOUR Waitakere
Mahara Okeroa LABOUR Te Tai Tokerau
Margaret Wilson LABOUR [ List MP ]
Marian Hobbs LABOUR Wellington Central
Mark Burton LABOUR Taupo
Mark Gosche LABOUR Maungakiekie
Martin Gallagher LABOUR Hamilton West
Maryan Street LABOUR [ List MP ]
Michael Cullen LABOUR [ List MP ]
Mita Ririnui LABOUR [ List MP ]
Moana Mackey LABOUR [ List MP ]
Nanaia Mahuta LABOUR Tainui
Parekura Horomia LABOUR Ikaroa-Rawhiti
Paul Swain LABOUR Rimutaka
Peter Hodgson LABOUR Dunedin North
Phil Goff LABOUR Mt Roskill
Rick Barker LABOUR [ List MP ]
Ross Robertson LABOUR Manukau East
Russell Fairbrother LABOUR [ List MP ]
Ruth Dyson LABOUR Banks Peninsula
Shane Jones LABOUR [ List MP ]
Steve Chadwick LABOUR Rotorua
Steve Maharey LABOUR Palmerston North
Sue Moroney LABOUR [ List MP ]
Tim Barnett LABOUR Christchurch Central
Trevor Mallard LABOUR Hutt South
Winnie Laban LABOUR Mana
Jeanette Fitzsimons GREEN [ List MP ]
Keith Locke GREEN [ List MP ]
Metiria Turei GREEN [ List MP ]
Nandor Tanczos GREEN [ List MP ]
Sue Bradford GREEN [ List MP ]
Sue Kedgley GREEN [ List MP ]
Barbara Stewart NZ FIRST [ List MP ]
Brian Donnelly NZ FIRST [ List MP ]
Doug Woolerton NZ FIRST [ List MP ]
Peter Brown NZ FIRST [ List MP ]
Pita Paraone NZ FIRST [ List MP ]
Ron Mark NZ FIRST [ List MP ]
Winston Peters NZ FIRST [ List MP ]

C Political Animal 2007

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Electoral Finance Bill debate continues

Emmerson: "Power Junkie", NZ Herald Nov 27, 2007

The fascist Electoral Finance Bill gets debated again in Parliament at 2.00pm again today.

This is a huge week in our little democracy, the biggest since the constitutional change in our courts when the Privy Council was removed without public debate or notification and when a law was passed in 2006 making the stealing of $800,000.00 in public money by the Labour Party to buy the 2005 election, legal after the fact.

Let your MP and indeed Aunty Helen know what you think about this attack on our freedom.
Email them here

The bill is likely to be passed this week but if you show your opposition now, before you are forced to shut your gob next year, then, well, who knows.

You have got to be optimistic until the fat politician sings.

Below is what Helen Clark thinks of the Herald's stand against this bill. She blames the papers stance on the EFB as electioneering and its coverage misleading. The very things her minions in Wellington are doing and those Labour party members directed to write to papers and call talkback stations.

Her own minister, Annette King doesn't even understand the Bill! Mind you nobody can because it is so rushed. Its contradictory, badly written and lacks specifics.

Don't worry though, former dental nurse King, says we can interpret the Bill/Act, "with the law of commonsense".

5:00AM Tuesday December 11, 2007
By Claire Trevett , NZ Herald.

Prime Minister Helen Clark has given a biting appraisal of the media, saying it often lacked depth and taking a swipe at the Herald for its coverage of the Electoral Finance Bill.

Speaking to the Journalism Education Association conference in Wellington, the Prime Minister said fairness and balance were key responsibilities.

With clear reference to the Herald's campaign against the Electoral Finance Bill, she said "fairness and balance is in the eyes of the beholder".

"In my experience, after many years in politics it doesn't pay to be too thin-skinned about this. Actually, we put up with quite a lot, especially when a newspaper is in full campaign mode, like the Herald is at the moment, and it can run for weeks, if not months, with full-blooded attack, front-page headline, opinion editorials, editorials, attack stories, cartoons, you name it."

C Political Animal 2007

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Cartoon and comment; Emmerson: Winston Churchill Clark

C Emmerson, NZ Herald 2007

Emmerson gets to the nub or middle finger of the Electoral Finance Bill.

Labour and its cronies are blaming The NZ Herald for whipping up undue fear among the unwashed public but it is doing a stellar job over the EFB bill. A stand, the likes of which has never been seen since the heyday of Muldoon in the 1970s-80s.

On Wednesday in parliament Labour lapdog Winston Peters called the Herald's "attack" on the EFB a conspiracy of big foreign business trying to gain a foothold of power in New Zealand to enable them to make more money.

Paranoia clearly rules in Winston's office.

We can only hope he gets his foot caught in his mouth again on his latest holiday abroad.

Link to the Herald's EFB website: Electoral Finance Bill in detail

C Political Animal 2007

Electoral Finance Bill gets stalled in Parliament

They don't call it a political grind for nothing.

C Emmerson, NZ Herald 2007

The passing of the Electoral Finance Bill by Labour into law this week isn't going to happen.

The National opposition party are hammering every new clause to the hastily rushed and badly drafted bill and it is chewing up valuable parliamentary time.

There is a very distant possibility that National could stall the bill long enough for Labour to have to come back next February after the summer break.

There is of course the possibility that the house sit under urgency to pass the bill, as they have done with many other contentious constitutional and social changing legislation.

Whatever the time line, the bill is going to pass and the net affect will be that New Zealand citizens will have their democratic right to express their political views, without fear, in election year, removed.

C Political Animal 2007

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Electoral Finance Bill: The purpose is clear

The crucial and main thrust of the Electoral Finance Bill is as follows and is the clearest part of an otherwise confused, contradictory and appallingly written bill. From part one of the preliminary provisions and purpose of the bill:

Meaning of election advertisement
(1) In this Act, election advertisement

(a) means any form of words or graphics, or both, that can be
reasonably be regarded as doing 1 or more of the following.

(i) encouraging or persuading voters to vote, or not to vote,
for 1 or more specified parties or for 1 or more candidates
or for any combination of such parties and candidates:

(ii) encouraging and persuading voters to vote, or not to vote,
for a type of party or a type of candidate that is described
or indicated by reference to views, positions, or policies
that are or are not held, taken or pursued (whether or not
the name of a party or the name of a candidate is stated):

(iii) taking a position on a proposition with which 1 or more
parties or 1 or more candidates is associated; and

(b) includes-
(i) a candidate advertisement; and
(ii) a party advertisement.

Lets have a closer look:

(a) means any form of words or graphics, or both, that can be
reasonably be regarded as doing 1 or more of the following.

So the purpose of the bill is clear, any words or graphics constitute an election advert.

(i) encouraging or persuading voters to vote, or not to vote,

for 1 or more specified parties or for 1 or more candidates
or for any combination of such parties and candidates:

This blog will be captured as a result of this and so will political writers, broadcasters and individuals who support or have a contrary view to a particular party. Even though in other parts of the bill this purpose is contradicted by saying it allows blogs like this one and the other media I mentioned.

(i) encouraging or persuading voters to vote, or not to vote,
for 1 or more specified parties or for 1 or more candidates
or for any combination of such parties and candidates:

(ii) encouraging and persuading voters to vote, or not to vote,
for a type of party or a type of candidate that is described
or indicated by reference to views, positions, or policies
that are or are not held, taken or pursued (whether or not
the name of a party or the name of a candidate is stated):

Part one and two of the purpose are similar so I will look at them as one. Largely self explanatory and very clear about their purpose. That individuals are unable to express views that may influence others by encouraging them to vote for or against a candidate or party.

"Advertising" those views, as expressed in the purpose and definition of an electoral advertisement, is merely giving ones own opinion to another individual or group to the positive or negative and may be seen as an "advertisement" as a result, according to this portion or the purpose of the bill.

This shuts down all opposition to the incumbent government in an election year and is clearly designed to favour Labour at the expense of democracy and our rights to speak our minds.

The debate continues in parliament this week and the bill looks set to pass into law soon.

C Political Animal 2007

Herald gets angry at Electoral Finance Bill(again)

The New Zealand Herald has ripped into the Labour Governments' fascist anti democratic Electoral Finance Bill this morning. Once again granny has put their editorial on the front page and cut deeply into the morass of subterfuge and cover ups over the direction of this piece of trash bill.

Parliament debate the bill today and Labour and its hangers on plan to pass it into law before the end of sitting this year, for it to take effect on January 1 2008. It is possible that the bill could be passed this week.

This will be the last time New Zealanders' will be able to freely debate political issues in an election year and all opposition against the incumbent government will be censured to such a degree people will be too scared to speak out should they be tapped on the shoulder and charged for inciting other people to vote or not to vote for a particular party.

Along with a whole host of other anti democratic laws passed by this power crazed government over the last 9 years, the ditching of the Privy Council and the hiring of politically appointed judges to the "Supreme Court" high among them, the EFB bill passed into law, will mean the end to one of the worlds longest running democracies and put us into the realms of banana republics like Zimbabwe, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Pakistan, where those governments keep criticism by its citizens in line by similar means.

The Herald is doing a fine job exposing this fascism and seems to be man alone in mainstream media circles. Other media outlets ignoring the fact that they will be unable to publish such criticism in election year:

Editorial: Speak now, or next year hold your peace

5:00AM Tuesday December 04, 2007

The Herald has today, for the second time in a month, run a front page editorial calling for the Electoral Finance Bill to be scrapped, saying it is an attack on democracy

There will be no winners if the Electoral Finance Bill is passed into law this week. The Labour Party will have revised the electoral rules to suit itself, but that will be a pyrrhic victory if it loses the next election, as polls suggest it will. The National Party has promised to repeal the bill as soon as it gets the chance.

Thus our electoral law is reduced to a game of political ping-pong, a game that would not have started had the Government done the right thing from the beginning.

Even its friend the Green Party has been urging it to refer its concerns about election finance to an independent body that could recommend changes to the law if necessary from an impartial position.

But the Government has ploughed ahead, making minimal changes to the bill's clamp on political expression from January 1 until after election day next year, and adding an extraordinary new dimension, making the Electoral Commission the vehicle for disbursements of parties' secret donations. That drastic sudden proposal alone should tell the Government this is not the way to make constitutional change.

Unless the Greens and United Future act on their reservations and withhold support for the bill this week it will pass. And they will be as guilty as Labour and New Zealand First for the offence to free speech.

From next month until a probable November election, any person or group wanting to promote an issue of concern would face a legal and bureaucratic minefield. For the right to spend their money they would need to register as a "third party", file declarations about donors and expenses and keep within a spending limit of $120,000, just 5 per cent of the amount MPs' parties may spend.

The regulations would apply to any material that might encourage people to vote or not vote for "a type of party or a type of candidate" described by reference to views, positions or policies even if the party or candidate is not named.

As revised, the bill seems to catch everything from a billboard to a bull-horn, but the Justice Minister says "common sense" will apply. Whose?

The self-serving electoral fix is being done now in the hope it might be forgotten at an election 11 months hence. Those 11 months will be quieter than they would have been without the electoral finance gag. Labour's union allies will be as constrained as any moneyed group agreeing with National. Public debate will be constrained and our politics poorer.

Money does not win elections unless the message it is financing strikes a popular chord. Labour is legislating in fear of messages it might not like. At the same time, it has given parties in Parliament the right to use public funds for purposes the Auditor-General ruled improper at the last election.

The country should not stand for this. It is not unduly susceptible to paid campaigns. The bill is an insult to our intelligence as well as our rights. Even now, at the 11th hour, it can be stopped and sent to an impartial panel. Let's hope the common sense outside Parliament can prevail.

C Political Animal & NZ Herald 2007

Monday, 3 December 2007

Mallard in the docks

Trevor Mallard cut a sombre figure in the Wellington District Court earlier today.

Trevor Mallard in the Wellington District Court earlier today, unusually placid.

I was fascinated by the innocent plea from Trevor"The Bash" Mallard today in the Wellington District Court over the charge put before him over his assault of Tau Henare, in the Parliamentary precinct a few weeks back.

Mallard admitted his guilt in assaulting Henare at the time and faced no disciplinary action from the Prime Minister.

Helen Clark made a revealing comment today on this issue:

"I just say that with something like this, I think everyone in public life - whether they are media personalities or a politician or whoever - we're all vulnerable to someone deciding they will try a private prosecution and I think that is an issue of some concern,"

Missing a salient point though , Clark of course managed to wangle herself out of prison by changing the law last year to make her parties stealing of taxpayer money, to buy the 2005 election, legal.

Also missing prosecution for fraud, for falsely signing a painting and aiding and abetting dangerous driving when she ordered her drivers to speed through a small town at 170km per hour so she could watch a rugby game.

May I add, the amount of photo shopping of Helen's image on Labours' election material made voters think they were voting for Paris Hilton rather than the very sweet lady we know Aunt Helen to be.

But I digress.

Perhaps Helen could change the law to allow all Labour Politicians to be immune to private or criminal prosecution for assault or fraud. It would certainly have allowed a least half a dozen of her cabinet to escape the scrutiny her and her party faced when they transgressed various laws over the last 9 years.

What really made me laugh though is that Trev's lawyer wanted media banned from the courts proceedings because images of Mallard would reflect him in a bad light to the public and he would be associated with such "negative images" that would affect his reputation for the rest of his life.


The sound of me hitting the floor with laughter.

Mallard's reputation has been long associated with nastiness, bullying and pushing his weight around, so pictures of him sobbing falsely in the dock isn't going to do the poor boy any harm.

Trev will be back in the dock December 18 for the hearing.

C Political Animal 2007

Saturday, 1 December 2007

NZ Herald Report: Auckland EFB protest lures 5000

More than twice as many protesters than the November 17 march, this level of interest indicates public opposition to the Electoral Finance Bill runs very high in all sectors of our community.

This fascist, communist type bill may be passed as soon as next week and it means from January 1, Blogs like this one wont be able to criticise the government or influence others to vote alternatively.

As this Blog has its servers outside of New Zealand it maybe hard for authorities to shut me or others down though!! I wont stop the backchat either way, its my bloody right.

NZ Herald Report: Auckland EFB protest lures 5000

Several thousand people have marched in Auckland this afternoon in protest at the government's Electoral Finance Bill.

Police estimates put the crowd at close on 5,000.

The first Auckland march against the bill, a fortnight ago, drew about 2,000.

Marchers then stayed in QEII Square listening to speeches telling them the bill threatens democracy in New Zealand. Organisers are delighted with the turnout, saying it indicates people are realising what the bill will mean for them when it becomes law.

Among the marchers were ACT leader Rodney Hide and high profile opponent of the bill Christine Rankin.

Marches were also held last month in Wellington and Christchurch.

Newstalk ZB & Political Animal 2007

Auckland Electoral Finance Bill Protest, Dec 1, 2.00pm, Aotea Square

Just a reminder that the 2nd Auckland Electoral Finance Bill protest is on today, 1 Dec 2007. Assemble at Aotea Square at 2.00pm, when the protest will kick off at 2.30pm, march up Queen St down to Britomart where John Boscowen and others will be giving speeches.

I wont be there because I'm sick with the flu but I will be there in spirit.

Beat these fascist dictators, Helen Clark and the Sisterhood, Winston Peters' and his fellow lapdogs, the Greens and their nasty grasp for power and all the other power hungry persons who want to take your democratic rights away.

C Political Animal 2007