Thursday, 13 December 2007

List of MPs who voted for the Electoral Finance Bill(amended list)

The following is a list of those individuals who must hang their heads in shame for what they have done in passing The Electoral Finance Bill, they all voted for the Bill which will severely restrict New Zealander's right to free speech.

It will be a sad day when this Bill passes next week and the following must be remembered for all time for what they have done to their own country.

New Zealand Labour 49; New Zealand First 7; Green Party 6; Progressive 1

Ann Hartley LABOUR [ List MP ]
Annette King LABOUR Rongotai
Ashraf Choudhary LABOUR [ List MP ]
Charles Chauvel LABOUR [ List MP ]
Chris Carter LABOUR Te Atatu
Clayton Cosgrove LABOUR Waimakariri
Damien OConnor LABOUR West Coast-Tasman
Darien Fenton LABOUR [ List MP ]
Darren Hughes LABOUR Otaki
Dave Hereora LABOUR [ List MP ]
David Benson-Pope LABOUR Dunedin South
David Cunliffe LABOUR New Lynn
David Parker LABOUR [ List MP ]
Dianne Yates LABOUR [ List MP ]
Dover Samuels LABOUR [ List MP ]
George Hawkins LABOUR Manurewa
Georgina Beyer LABOUR [ List MP ]
Harry Duynhoven LABOUR New Plymouth
Helen Clark LABOUR Mt Albert
Jill Pettis LABOUR [ List MP ]
Jim Sutton LABOUR [ List MP ]
Judith Tizard LABOUR Auckland Central
Lianne Dalziel LABOUR Christchurch East
Lynne Pillay LABOUR Waitakere
Mahara Okeroa LABOUR Te Tai Tokerau
Margaret Wilson LABOUR [ List MP ]
Marian Hobbs LABOUR Wellington Central
Mark Burton LABOUR Taupo
Mark Gosche LABOUR Maungakiekie
Martin Gallagher LABOUR Hamilton West
Maryan Street LABOUR [ List MP ]
Michael Cullen LABOUR [ List MP ]
Mita Ririnui LABOUR [ List MP ]
Moana Mackey LABOUR [ List MP ]
Nanaia Mahuta LABOUR Tainui
Parekura Horomia LABOUR Ikaroa-Rawhiti
Paul Swain LABOUR Rimutaka
Peter Hodgson LABOUR Dunedin North
Phil Goff LABOUR Mt Roskill
Rick Barker LABOUR [ List MP ]
Ross Robertson LABOUR Manukau East
Russell Fairbrother LABOUR [ List MP ]
Ruth Dyson LABOUR Banks Peninsula
Shane Jones LABOUR [ List MP ]
Steve Chadwick LABOUR Rotorua
Steve Maharey LABOUR Palmerston North
Sue Moroney LABOUR [ List MP ]
Tim Barnett LABOUR Christchurch Central
Trevor Mallard LABOUR Hutt South
Winnie Laban LABOUR Mana
Jeanette Fitzsimons GREEN [ List MP ]
Keith Locke GREEN [ List MP ]
Metiria Turei GREEN [ List MP ]
Nandor Tanczos GREEN [ List MP ]
Sue Bradford GREEN [ List MP ]
Sue Kedgley GREEN [ List MP ]
Barbara Stewart NZ FIRST [ List MP ]
Brian Donnelly NZ FIRST [ List MP ]
Doug Woolerton NZ FIRST [ List MP ]
Peter Brown NZ FIRST [ List MP ]
Pita Paraone NZ FIRST [ List MP ]
Ron Mark NZ FIRST [ List MP ]
Winston Peters NZ FIRST [ List MP ]

C Political Animal 2007


  1. They all disgust me. This country is a democracy and they are trying to gag the citizens of New Zealand. We have the right to voice our views on issues.
    Government aka Big Brother, does not always know what is best - as they have shown many a time as of late.

  2. I hope you vote accordingly in 2008. Feel free to comment here in election year because I will not shut my mouth.