Monday, 3 December 2007

Mallard in the docks

Trevor Mallard cut a sombre figure in the Wellington District Court earlier today.

Trevor Mallard in the Wellington District Court earlier today, unusually placid.

I was fascinated by the innocent plea from Trevor"The Bash" Mallard today in the Wellington District Court over the charge put before him over his assault of Tau Henare, in the Parliamentary precinct a few weeks back.

Mallard admitted his guilt in assaulting Henare at the time and faced no disciplinary action from the Prime Minister.

Helen Clark made a revealing comment today on this issue:

"I just say that with something like this, I think everyone in public life - whether they are media personalities or a politician or whoever - we're all vulnerable to someone deciding they will try a private prosecution and I think that is an issue of some concern,"

Missing a salient point though , Clark of course managed to wangle herself out of prison by changing the law last year to make her parties stealing of taxpayer money, to buy the 2005 election, legal.

Also missing prosecution for fraud, for falsely signing a painting and aiding and abetting dangerous driving when she ordered her drivers to speed through a small town at 170km per hour so she could watch a rugby game.

May I add, the amount of photo shopping of Helen's image on Labours' election material made voters think they were voting for Paris Hilton rather than the very sweet lady we know Aunt Helen to be.

But I digress.

Perhaps Helen could change the law to allow all Labour Politicians to be immune to private or criminal prosecution for assault or fraud. It would certainly have allowed a least half a dozen of her cabinet to escape the scrutiny her and her party faced when they transgressed various laws over the last 9 years.

What really made me laugh though is that Trev's lawyer wanted media banned from the courts proceedings because images of Mallard would reflect him in a bad light to the public and he would be associated with such "negative images" that would affect his reputation for the rest of his life.


The sound of me hitting the floor with laughter.

Mallard's reputation has been long associated with nastiness, bullying and pushing his weight around, so pictures of him sobbing falsely in the dock isn't going to do the poor boy any harm.

Trev will be back in the dock December 18 for the hearing.

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