Saturday, 1 December 2007

NZ Herald Report: Auckland EFB protest lures 5000

More than twice as many protesters than the November 17 march, this level of interest indicates public opposition to the Electoral Finance Bill runs very high in all sectors of our community.

This fascist, communist type bill may be passed as soon as next week and it means from January 1, Blogs like this one wont be able to criticise the government or influence others to vote alternatively.

As this Blog has its servers outside of New Zealand it maybe hard for authorities to shut me or others down though!! I wont stop the backchat either way, its my bloody right.

NZ Herald Report: Auckland EFB protest lures 5000

Several thousand people have marched in Auckland this afternoon in protest at the government's Electoral Finance Bill.

Police estimates put the crowd at close on 5,000.

The first Auckland march against the bill, a fortnight ago, drew about 2,000.

Marchers then stayed in QEII Square listening to speeches telling them the bill threatens democracy in New Zealand. Organisers are delighted with the turnout, saying it indicates people are realising what the bill will mean for them when it becomes law.

Among the marchers were ACT leader Rodney Hide and high profile opponent of the bill Christine Rankin.

Marches were also held last month in Wellington and Christchurch.

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