Thursday, 13 December 2007

Waiting for the backlash

Emmerson, NZ Herald, Dec 12 2007- "Shallow and error-prone"

The Herald is facing a backlash from Helen Clark for their strong
stand against the Electoral Finance Bill, she doesn't like opposition
and the EFB removes that in election year.

The latest stupidity from the Labour/Peter's Government, Winston"Baubles" Peters, paying back ill gotten taxpayer money to a children's hospital instead of the Auditor General, is merely another in a long list of arrogant, unlawful, stupid, malicious and corrupt practices that Helen and her hangers on have foisted upon us over the last 8 long years.

I'm just wondering to myself, when is there going to be a backlash?

Where is the anger, the outrage, the venom, has Clark's regime breed the mongrel out of us?

There have been touches of it, with street protests against the Electoral Finance Bill, but those were tame. In Australia cars would be burned in the streets if their leaders tried this sort of fascist stuff!

We watched our judicial system tumble when Labour pulled down the august pillars of the Privy council appeals without a whimper.

Little was done when Kiwis' rights as parents to discipline their children by having the capacity to smack was removed.

Attempts at dissolving property rights, the intervention of Clark's nanny statists to tell us what to eat, watch, listen to, breathe and teach us "appropriate" ways to talk to those who offend against our persons least we hurt their feelings were met with a whimper of dissent, even from the National "opposition".

The arrogance of a leader and those under her who believe they are above those that they work for is truly mind blowing. Speeding through a small town at 170km per hr to go to a rugby game and blaming several policemen by allowing them to be charged. Mugabee and other tin pot dictators would be proud and we presumably were too because few bothered to raise a voice let alone a middle finger.

Making theft of taxpayer money to buy an election legal after the fact is clearly a breach of the very moral and indeed legal fibre that most Kiwis presumably live by and I would have thought that even the loony left who voted for Labour, NZ First, The Greens, The Maori Party, United Future and Jim Anderton, would have stood up to be counted, considering they are implicit in the crime of buying votes with stolen taxpayer money.

Surely the guilt must be eating away at their conscience?

The gutter snipe attacks in Parliament by sniveling little Stalin adherents, like Micheal Cullen and Trevor "The Bash" Mallard against the leader of the opposition, John Key, for dragging himself out of poverty and making a success of himself in the finance world and accumulating wealth is truly without parallel.

"Scumbag, scumbag, scumbag" "rich prick" sums up Cullen's attitude to those that might have worked hard and made money, his use of terms like this, especially in Parliament, show him for what he and his party are.

Arrogant, self serving, jealous of those that have done better and career politicians who wouldn't have a way of making a living outside government, a government department or a union and supporters seem to lap up this sort of childish playground stuff because they probably feel the same.

We shouldn't be hacked off and angry like Dr Cullen because an individual might have made a success of his life through hard work and accumulated wealth we should be angry at those who deride those successful people!

Is it not the Kiwi way to get pissed off when your freedoms are being chipped away or is it up to the likes of people like me to motivate you off your couch and get yelling "we are as mad as fuck and we are not going to take it anymore!!"

We have seen any possible anger subside come the last two elections because Labour have bought voters by promising taxpayer moola for their back pockets and any opposition is conveniently forgotten.

I will be here to remind you in 2008 to stay angry, if you are, and use that anger in a positive way by choosing not to vote for those that want your freedoms quashed, and not let you be tempted by my taxpayer dollars to dissipate that anger and vote for your wallet.

C Political Animal 2007

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