Sunday, 21 December 2008

MERRY CHRISTMAS: End of year comment

Like any other year 2008 has been a good and a bad year for politics.

We had the bad with Helen Clark bulldozing her way through nanny state laws with gay abandon and we had the Obama circus, a very beige looking man elected because of the colour of his skin.

On the good side we had New Zealanders overwhelmingly overthrow a socialist/communist government whose last dying proposal to restrict New Zealanders showering habits put the full stop on their state bothering ways.

To elect a man like John Key in the place of Helen Clark has been a revelation thus far.

Legislation to backpedal on moronic socialist laws began shortly after the November 8 election and lefty jaw flappers and so-called journalists have been frothing at the pen since, and I couldn't be happier.

It is great to see commonsense back in fashion.

It is this, the lack of negative politics and the fact that I got sick of reading about what the next loony thing the Labour party had done, said or would do after being elected or in opposition that had prevented me from writing about politics.

It is soul destroying to soak up so much garbage.

The new government have been thus far overwhelmingly positive, productive and have done and said all the right things,

They have provided a new more hopeful direction for us to move in and it is about bloody time.

There will be stumbles along the way over the next 3 years but Labour have left New Zealand in a particularly bad way, financially and socially.

They have lied and cheated their way through 9 years in power and it will take awhile to unravel the mess.

The macro issues over the global economy will also provide some pressure for John key and his government but they have shown indicators that they can get us through and New Zealanders think that as well otherwise the looney left would still be there.

Good luck to them for the New Year and we can only hope Labour continue to eat themselves as they have in opposition over the last 7 weeks.

New Zealand won, you lost, pass the bucket around the unions again.

Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to all my readers and I hope you enjoy your break.

Darren,  Political Animal.

c Political Animal 2008

Thursday, 11 December 2008

90 day employment probation period good for NZ Inc

The legislation currently under consideration in the New Zealand house of representatives, as I write this, to enable a 90 day probation period for employers and employees for businesses of 20 workers and under is being rushed under urgency, so it can be allowed to be put into place April 1 2009. It is a good law and has come at a time in history when it is needed more than ever.

For many years, especially the last 9 of the Labour Government, employers have been put under the thumb by unscrupulous employees and deleterious employment law and have suffered undue stress from malicious and frivolous employment claims brought by disgruntled employees simply because they have not fit the purpose of employment, have not fit in with the company culture or other employees or have attempted to get away with theft, fraud or unacceptable behaviour in the workplace.

This has put small businesses on the back foot, has cost them money and time training sub-par workers and as a result productivity, profit and business growth has fallen.

It has simply been too hard to expand your small business and employing extra workers for this expansion has been a burden many small businesses simply do not want to face because of the possibility of being slapped with an employment fine by a litigious employee.

With a probation period of 90 days it provides opportunity and choice for new employees rather than the deleterious effects that the Labour opposition say it will have and employers will have the ability to easily grow their businesses and therfore our economy.

The ability for employers and employees to negotiate the terms of the probation before employment then sit down and discuss outcomes after 90 days will enable a better fit for both employer and employee.

If either the employer or employee do not get on or their are any problems both parties can mutually agree to walk away with  no repercussions for either. Easy, quick, cheap and ultimately good for small business because the hiring and firing process is the key to a good start in the employer/employee relationship.

Small business is at the heart of the New Zealand economy and it is going to suffer more than ever over the next year or two.

Making changes to employment law such as this, along with a National Government promised simplification of red tape, tax law and heavy handed government regulation will help cushion the blow of the 1999-2008 Labour Government engineered recession we are currently experiencing and the bigger downturn to come due to global financial effects.

Employees have to remember that it is employers that take on the risk when running a business. Money is borrowed, mortgages are taken over personal property and the risk of getting unsuitable employees weighs heaving on their minds. Without the business employees simply wouldn't be able to make a living.

Of course one hopes that this is a reciprocal arrangement with benefits on both sides but we mustn't forget who the boss is.

This 90 day probation law has been a long time coming. Most other western nations have such a law and it is no accident of statistics that New Zealand has one of the lowest productivity ratings(and falling) of any of those nations.

The economy needs this law to complement other companion legislation to be passed to make our industry and economy grow sustainably again and its urgency is necessary because we have to do everything we can quickly to ameliorate the current world financial crises and associated economic fallout.

If we don't act now future generations will be berating us for sleeping while our economy burned.

Lets embrace freedom of choice, the ability to be flexible in employment issues and therefore the opportunity to work towards the future in a more efficient and productive way.

To do otherwise is simply socialist dogma with as much promise and future as a rat with venereal disease.

New Zealand has suffered under that regime for 9 years and today's urgency in Parliament is but one counter to that to redress the balance in favour of commonsense and a brighter future for all.

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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Its only a Billion after all

News earlier this week that Labour kept secret the billion dollar hole that ACC has dug for itself should be no shock to the voting population.

The outgoing Labour government left behind a $1 billion hole in the ACC budget which will have to be filled, Prime Minister John Key said today.

Briefings from ACC officials said the corporation was seeking $297 million more for the current 2007/2008 year and similar figures for coming years  NZ Herald

They lied, cheated and manipulated their way through this election year hoping nobody would see through it so why would a measly 1 billion bucks down the toilet be any different?

A billion dollar hole wrought by a wasteful government department who hounds business without care or due diligence and has an attitude to taxpayer money that allows them to spend it on beauty care for employees pets is a department way out of control. The billion dollar hole proves that.

For Labour to try to avert attention away from their failure by saying National are crying wolf merely to put ACC up for sale is more of the same failed policy,misdirection and conspiracy theory finger pointing that left them losing big time on November the 8.

This sort of banal nonsense may have some traction when you are in Government but when you are in opposition it just looks like the ramblings of a bitter disorganised bunch of lefties ready for the knackers yard.

Just to show the party has learnt nothing from their election day loss David Parker, spokes weasel for ACC said this today:

"we left this incoming Government with a fantastic set of books... the billion dollars is only 5% of ACCs operating budget..."  Radiolive 6-9.00am

What planet is Parker living on and does he know he is opposition now?

Arrogant and ignorant to the end.

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Thursday, 27 November 2008

Worlds most hated man: Bill Clinton

His romance with Monica Lewinsky was merely a stain on a blue dress and it caused the media to go into a frenzy.

The man primarily responsible for the worlds current financial mess is only rated a mention in the media these days because of his wife and her dalliances in the political world this year.

His dumb-arse Democrat mates from the 1990s are also high on the hit-list, they supported and advised him to pass legislation to allow deadbeat borrowers to suck on taxpayer guaranteed moola just so they could live in houses that they could never realistically afford.

Time to root him out from whatever bed he is currently sleeping in and put the blame where it lies-squarely on crooked Bill's shoulders.

c Political Animal 2008

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Like tits on a bull

"...the nature of the issues are complicated and require multiple solutions." Cindy Kiro, 19 Nov 2008.

Cindy was talking-oh if only if she actually DID someting rather than talk-about the Nia Glassie child murder case and child abuse in general.

She goes on in the same article.

"...people need to realise that poverty also played a part..." Cindy Kiro, 19 Nov 2008 

Lets address Kiros first quote.

How complicated is it to remove welfare from those that produce kids for that welfare then maim and kill children, and how difficult is it to make those individuals and groups responsible for doing such despicable things to kids?

In a normal world where personal responsibility reigns it is easy. If you removed the easy welfare the problem would largely go away and if you dealt severely to those already on the wrong side of the tracks when  they offended, against property, other citizens and children you would soon send the right message and the abuse would be cut.

No welfare equals no breeding deadbeat morons who kill kids for fun Cindy.

With knuckle dragging lazy self centered PC morons like Cindy though personal responsibility goes out the window with appropriate punishment.

Her second quote makes no sense at all.

Poverty playing a part in child murder is laughable. Back in the 1930s New Zealand experienced horendous poverty and the Nia Glassies and Kahuis of this world simply didn't happen. Kiro lives in a fantasy world where the perpetrators of these awful crimes are clearly victims too.

New Zealand doesn't need the talkers like big Cindy, we need people who take action.

Under her position as Childrens Commissioner we have seen more murders of babies than at any other time.

Kiros support for the repeal of section 59 that has stopped parents from lovingly correcting their children's behaviour with a smack and risks more violence in the future as these children brought up under such a regime go uncorrected and run wild without the boundaries of appropriate correction.

This bloated, overpaid, limp wristed Labour Party appointed bureaucratic drone, who clearly only gets exercise above her neck needs to go. To say Cindy is as useless as tits on a bull is being nice to her.

May I suggest Celia Lashlie in her place?

Monday, 17 November 2008

Emissions trading review the first step towards sanity

The "review" by National of Labour's Emissions Trading Scheme, more commonly known as the Emissions Tax Scam, rushed through under urgency at the end of a dying Government is great news for New Zealand business and of course individuals as a whole.

While the detail of the review is not clear, any relaxing of the cost to Kiwis that the scheme was set to foist onto every family-at least $6000 per household per year-cant be a bad thing.

Annoying morons like Rod Oram from The Sunday Star Times is icing on the cake and he was in hyper greenie/commie mode last Sunday over Nationals review.

The Environment and Conservation Organisations of NZ continue dribbling:

National and ACT by putting on hold climate change action and reviewing the emissions trading regime is making New Zealand an irrelevancy in international negotiations in the lead up to the crucial Demark meeting on Climate Change at the end of next year 2009. More

The contrary is actually the case. Changing or removing the ETS completely would make New Zealand the most relevant country in the world in relation to Global Warming. 

Leading the world back to sanity would mark us out again as the little country that could. We did it before in the 70s and 80s over Nuclear power-ironically a power source that would improve the effects of Global Warming if you believed carbon had any effect on climate-and we can do it again, beginning with the repeal of Labours ETS scheme.

There will be much opposition to change from the extreme sectors of the country but it is all politically, financially and control motivated.

To relax or remove nutty legislation like the ETS Scheme is going to help our economy get back on track and certainly the 180 degree turn on building thermal power stations alone will help cement certainty for business-already established and those wishing to expand or enter the New Zealand market.

The carbon trading aspect of the ETS legislation, if introduced, would have led to the eventual collapse of the economy when the scheme inevitably imploded on its pyramid scheme made of ticky tacky and fairy dust and that is the most important part of the news that this scheme will be reviewed.

We can now all breathe a little easier.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Key's whirlwind continues

What has taken all previous MMP governments weeks to organise has taken John Key less than a week.

He has announced his new government this morning even before officially being sworn in as Prime Minister.

Prime Minister elect John Key has announced the formation of a National-led centre-right government.

Act won five seats on election night and along with United Future, which won one, pledged to support National, meaning National's haul of 59 seats assured it a majority in the incoming 122-member Parliament.But Mr Key's successs in signing up the Maori Party means National could command 70 votes on confidence and supply issues.

Mr Key's formal inking of the deals paves the way for him to announce his Cabinet tomorrow and for him and his ministers to be sworn in on Wednesday.

That will allow Mr Key to fly out on Thursday to the Apec summit in Peru at the weekend as New Zealand's new Prime Minister. More

Not bad for a Prime Minister who was called a "politician with training wheels" by former Labour leader Helen Clark.

This caps Keys meteoric rise in Parliament from MP just six years ago to one of New Zealands youngest and most qualified individuals to take the position of Prime Minister.

c Political Animal 2008

Don McGlashan admits sexual preference for Crayfish

The lefties have been vacillating between denial and pure hatred for over a week now since New Zealand voted for a kinder, more worldly experienced and normal type of Government.

Denial that the Labour Party had turned into an irrelevant, stinking, corrupt banana shaped turd and hatred for those in the National Party that might take away some of their free toys.

A high profile collective whose politics you know just by the fact that he is a musician, former Mutton Bird and now owner of a mansion in Grey Lynn , Don McGlashan, has got his red panties in a bunch because National have won the election and the arty farty types are going to have to cut back on the caviar, champagne and truffles because the 100s of millions of dollars of largesse doled out by former Arts Minister Helen Clark is about to slow to a mere trickle.

In an angry letter to the network, McGlashan said he had never voted National and "would rather have sex with a very ugly crayfish than let them use my music".

McGlashan told the Herald on Sunday he was out during the broadcast, but later came home to find his daughter, Pearl, in shock.

"There was a death-in-the-family atmosphere when I got home.

"My daughter came running in from just having seen it and said `I've got some terrible news for you'.

TVNZ has an agreement with the Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA) to play a range of New Zealand music at a set fee.

The association's executive director of New Zealand operations, Anthony Healey, said that he understood McGlashan's anger but TVNZ had done nothing wrong. More

The precious former singer and now grumpy old **nt, was upset that his song Anchor Me was used to underplay a clip in a post-election montage involving National's win.

Mc Glashan was paid for the privilege.

May I suggest a couple of other songs to play from former music bigs and well noted lefties from New Zealand to commemorate Nationals big win last Saturday.

Dave Dobbyn's Bliss, Tim Finn's Staring at the Embers and Neil Finn's Message to my Girl-you lost.

Pull your head in Don, you are getting paid for the use of your song and agreed through APRA that it could be used.

Perhaps now you and your ilk can earn a living without taxpayer handouts, although I am guessing that thousands of National voters might now be re-considering buying one of your long ago recorded albums from the bargain bin at the Warehouse for a Christmas pressie.

Music to my ears.

c Political Animal 2008

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Putting knuckle dragging hippies in their place

I originally wrote the piece below for the Share Investor Blog but after a couple of ignorant comments from some angry loser knuckle dragging hippie lefties, it is clear the politics of it all simply went over my head, so I posted it here with some additional comments just to clear up a few things.


How can you say the current problems are the fault of the Labour govt, what a load of balls!
NZ is but a tiny tiny fish in the world ocean. We are at the mercy of much bigger and greedier economies than ours and don't forget for a moment it is people like John Key and his ilk that have plunged the world into the mess that we are all now in! Investment bankers !

...and you are celebrating?

I agree, whatever we do ( or don't do) doesn't matter a damn in the current economic climate. We are ruled by the rest of the world.  

The fallacy that Michael Cullen's tax and spend policies didn't cause the current recession and a number of other economic problems is just that, a fallacy-we have been in a recession for more than 6 months.

John Key and his "ilk" were only part of a much larger group of reasons why the world is experiencing a global financial crises. Bill Clinton's Democrat Party's relaxing of lending criteria through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the 1990s that allowed those two government backed institutions to lend money to those that couldn't afford to pay it back was the spark that lit the fire and of course the knuckle draggers that borrowed it in the first place were the main culprits.

The wide boys of finance simply went along for the ride-where there is government backed lending there are always financial vultures.

These are the facts.

The original article from Share Investor

But wait theres more!

If you think New Zealand has seen the worst of its economic slowdown think again.

Currently New Zealand is suffering a recession brought on by profligate spending by our previous Finance Minister, Michael Cullen. Problems related to the credit squeeze have only just started to hit us and will reach their worst probably sometime mid 2009.

Some of the symptoms of the outgoing Labour Governments spending so far are; higher inflation, rising unemployment, a massive public deficit, lower spending on every level of consumer goods, high interest rates, low productivity, lower property prices, higher mortgage defaults and business failures, amongst other things.

These factors are set to get worse as we move into the New Year, save the higher interest rates, and clearly this is going to have a highly negative effect on the New Zealand stockmarket.

With the current NZX index at 2800, it is likely to go below 2000 points before it starts to get any better, probably towards the end of 2009 to early 2010.

Of course all the finer points of timing for recovery and or a worsening of the scenario outlined above hinge on what responses John Key's new Government makes to the current recession and whether it looms for longer or deeper.

The economic situation for our trading partners is also an important factor for any export led recovery and obviously the seriousness or otherwise of the global slowdown will have an impact and that impact we have largely yet to see.

Wasteful spending clearly needs cutting back in all areas of Government and the savings returned to taxpaying citizens via more tax cuts, this way the economy will be stimulated over and above any initiatives to speed the economy up via Government attached incentives or direct spending by them.

More of what we had from the Labour Party just isn't going to cut the mustard. Economies are best stimulated directly by citizens rather than by bureaucrats or politicians looking to spend taxpayer dosh on their favourite business charity.

Government spending on essential infrastructure is one notable exception.

New power stations, motorways in Auckland-another harbour crossing, a motorway through Mt Albert to finish the city's motorway system-and some decent school buildings would be a good start.

Any continuation of what got us in this mess in the first place will simply drag out out the recession for several years, rather than the likely 18 months or so.

Particular importance should placed on the speed and timing of the building blocks that must be put in place for us to start to grow the economy again.

A quick response is the best response and any impediment to economic development must be put aside so as to assist an economy that could get alot worse.

This means a fast tracking of a relaxing of the Resource Management Act and the immediate rescinding of the Emissions trading scheme, which will hamper economic growth by piling unnecessary cost into the economy when we least need it.

New Zealand finally has an administration that has the expertise to negotiate their way through financial management for the good and bad times.

New Zealand has made a choice by electing a new Government and our elected leaders must make the right economic choices, some of them difficult, in order for us to prosper again, sooner rather than latter.

The alternative is a continued slide down the economic ladder which will be extremely difficult to extricate ourselves from.

c Share Investor & Political Animal 2008

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Labour on the take from Vela Brothers

Labour are at it again. 

This time it is money from the Vela Brothers to Labour Party coffers just a few days before the election.

$100,000.00 was given to both Labour and NZ First and the question of bribery for donations surfaces because Labour allowed Winston Peters, the racing Minister, to advantage the racing industry in the past by generous tax breaks for the Velas and taxpayer money for race stakes.

Yesterday, Peter Vela refused to say what prompted the donation to Labour.

"You've got to be entitled to donate to who you wish, don't you?" he said.

Asked if he had supported Labour before, he said, "Yes, of course."

"We are still a democracy and people still do have the basic democratic right to give how much they like, when they like and how they like to whom they like." More

Clearly the hope the Velas had was that their largesse to the filthy two would help Labour get re-elected and therefore the money train would keep going for the Velas for the next three years.

The donations, if disclosed before the election, would have been even more controversial than they are now because Labour had made mileage in pre-election propaganda about Nationals link to big business and their grandstanding via the Electoral Finance Act, that allowed Labour to get big donations from their donors but made it difficult to other party's.

It is money for favours and implicates Labour and NZ First, again.

National will remove the Electoral Finance Act from our statutes.

c Political Animal 2008

Monday, 10 November 2008

The backlash finally came

I have been writing about a compliant New Zealand public in the face of Labours last 9 years of nanny statism, crimes against democracy and the various lies and corrupt practices that Labour, its leader and its aligned party's have been up to for many years and have wondered when I was going to see a backlash against it.

I'm just wondering to myself, when is there going to be a backlash?

Where is the anger, the outrage, the venom, has Clark's regime breed the mongrel out of us?

There have been touches of it, with 
street protests against the Electoral Finance Bill, but those were tame. In Australia cars would be burned in the streets if their leaders tried this sort of fascist stuff!

There was a sign of it in July this year when thousands of trucks blocked city streets all over New Zealand. Kiwis overwhelmingly had sympathy with the truckies and not Helen and her ilk.

Largely though, people still supported Labour and continued to get their rights removed and PC nonsense piled on top of PC nonsense and took it lying down.

The showergate scandal, light bulb banning, on top of the donations sagas and its associated lies, mud smearing and small minded attitude to successful people by Clark, Cullen and their filthy socialist lot in the Labour Party really sent the message home to the average Kiwi that they were as mad as hell and they were not going to take it anymore.

I agree with some commentators that there was indeed a "mood for change" but the alternative in John Key was more of an impetus to get people voting against the "loony left" and for "commonsense John" than a mere "need for change".

We have done the backlash by electing John Key as Prime Minister, now lets get behind him so he can help us change things back to where the majority of us can truly live again.

c Political Animal 2008

Political Animal Blog picks election outcome

After the election day blitz of Labour by National, it is interesting that very few in blogoland or in mainstream media picked the result. I did.

I am going to put my finger up in the air and pick a landslide win for the National Party come November 8.

They will get enough seats to govern alone.

How do I know this?

Well, I happen to mix in pretty diverse political circles in the business that I operate and I have a large number of acquaintances as well.

The informal polling that I have done-conversational interrogation- tells me that even die-hard Labour voters are sick of Helen Clark, her party and her curious ways.

Political Animal Blog, 2 November 2008

Most were picking a "close election" and the need for National to side with the Maori Party to govern. One of the only other clear heads that picked the result was Richard Prebble.

Some even couldn't pick the swing 2 hours into vote counting!

So keep it here, post election, for accurate, sometimes incisive, sometimes silly and very readable political commentary.

Forget about the double-handed wankers at The Standard, keep it tuned here for accurate, unbiased commentary at Political Animal.

And if you think I am going to be a pussy with National if I don't like what they get up to? 

Think again.

c Political Animal 2008

Sunday, 9 November 2008

TV3 John Campbell interview with John Key

An in depth interview with John Key, the new New Zealand Prime Minister, by John Campbell on TV3 on Sunday November 9.

Covers his rise from humble beginnings and his wish to be Prime Minister at the age of 11.

A greater pedigree for Prime Minister couldn't be written if you made it up.

Nice to see John Campbell in his element again.

c Political Animal 2008

3 mad muslims despatched

Imam Samudra, Amrozi Nurhasyim and his brother Mukhlas - the Bali bombers. Photo / AP

On top of an election win for National the good news just keeps on coming.

The three Muslim bastards who killed 202 people in Bali in 2002 were finally executed overnight by firing squad.

In my mind they were treated too well, allowed to taunt victims for far too long and were executed with too much care. Slow sadistic torture-like their victims endured- then a death from bullets wrapped in pigs blood would have been far more appropriate. 

We should all be safe in the knowledge though that three more mad Muslims have been put down and they wont be going to any otherworldly place with playboy virgins and Hugh Hefner at the helm.

They are simply worm food.

c Political Animal 2008

John Key's Victory Speech

A brilliant victory speech from Prime Minister John Key.

One that stressed individual ability,responsibility and its importance to the greater good.

A willingness to represent all New Zealanders was a strong theme.

Very presidential and complimentary to Helen Clark. A rare show of putting politics aside for country and its people.

A man whose time has truly come in a time that is truly challenging.

c Political Animal 2008

Yesterdays Gone

The position John Key has attained, set against his humble background of welfare and a single parent family should be inspiration alone to all New Zealanders.

His job is a tough one, because of what has gone before, but he looks like he is going to rally New Zealanders behind him as we go forward, first as individuals, that will make the greater society prosper.

Individual achievement, as Key stressed in his victory speech, will make us great again and propel us to greater and greater things and a much brighter future.

Congratulations Prime Minister John Key.

c Political Animal 2008

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Final 2008 New Zealand Election Results

The final results for the 2008 New Zealand General Election for November 8 2008 are:

Election Results -- Overall Status

Polling Places Counted:6,304 of 6,304 (100.0%)
Total Votes Counted:2,103,842
Special Votes: 208,001
Less than 6 votes taken in Polling Places: 1,261
National Party951,145 45.45411859
Labour Party706,666 33.77212243
Green Party134,622 6.43088
ACT New Zealand77,843 3.72145
Mäori Party46,894 2.24505
Jim Anderton's Progressive19,536 0.93101
United Future18,629 0.89101
New Zealand First Party88,072 4.21000
Kiwi Party11,659 0.56000
The Bill and Ben Party10,738 0.51000
Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party7,589 0.36000
New Zealand Pacific Party6,991 0.33000
Family Party6,973 0.33000
Alliance1,721 0.08000
Democrats for Social Credit1,112 0.05000
Libertarianz1,070 0.05000
Workers Party824 0.04000
RAM - Residents Action Movement405 0.02000
The Republic of New Zealand Party298 0.01000

c Political Animal 2008

Helen Clark concedes, finally

We waited and waited and waited. Helen Clark, outgoing Prime Minister wants to hold on to the last vestiges of power even though almost 99% of the vote has been counted and it shows National way ahead.

A concession speech would normally already have been made by now and John Key is waiting for the call from Helen. 

It looks like style is not her forte, right to the end.

It has taken a fair amount of time but Aunty Helen has finally admitted defeat just two minutes ago.

Yes, the bitch is finally gone.

c Political Animal 2008

Winnie is gone!

Winston Peters concession speech - Video

Liar, thief and corrupt politician on the take, Winston Peters has finally gone from Parliament.

He has just conceded, with just a touch of bluster and many, many excuses and no regrets for the corrupt practices that he has presided over during his time in politics.

Justice has finally prevailed and the people have spoken. We should all be well pleased to have him gone and New Zealand is better off without him.

For those who voted for him. Your vote has been lost and you deserve not to have a say this year.

Winnie, you will not be missed.

c Political Animal 2008

National wins 2008 New Zealand Election

National have won by a large margin in the 2008 New Zealand Election on November 8 2008.

There was a big swing towards John Key and the National Party election night and the momentum that began weeks before election day continued as Key's party swept away the opposition Labour Party and its leader Helen Clark.

Winston Peters has finally gone from Parliament and Helen Clark is now looking for a position as a lecturer at AUT.

The big negative affect on the result was the pre-election dirt digging by Labour,the continued intervention of the Nanny State in Kiwi's lives and the poor management of the economy by Michael Cullen.

Rodney Hides yellow jacket worked for him and he managed a better result than 2005.

A good result for common sense, a good result for National, and a great result for New Zealand for the future.

Helen Clark gave the concession phone call after 99% of the vote was counted.

c Political Animal 2008

New Zealand Election night results, November 8 2008

You can watch live video streaming New Zealand Election coverage at TV3 and TV One or audio from Radio New Zealand from 7.00pm Saturday 8 November 2008.

Find your electorate