Friday, 7 March 2008

Michael Cullen speaks with forked tongue

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Some days it is hard to take Dr Cullen seriously. Today is one of those days.

While commenting about his tax cuts this year, engineered to buy the 2008 general election he let a sly one past.

I had a loud chortle to myself when listening to a Newstalk ZB audio clip live from the exciting port metropolis of Napier, that the main reason for New Zealand's record high interest rates was the current "credit crunch" that the world was facing and we would also be facing higher food and energy prices.

It slipped his mind(who's slippery now Mike), perhaps after a chardonnay or three, that the reasons for high interest rates and other rising prices was the fault of himself only.

Let me dispel the myths Dr Cullen!

Record high government spending by Labour on wasteful social engineering schemes has pushed up our official interest rates to 8.5% up from half that before Labour began its sentence on its citizens back in 1999.

A plethora of extra taxes including : employment, ACC, fiscal drag, electricity and gas taxes has led to higher inflation and therefore increased food prices.

What is really scary though is that Cullen is set to add even more taxes onto our already burdened and beaten economy in the form of a whole host of nonsense global warming taxes.

Up to 20c a litre of petrol will be added by local and state government this year and carbon credit trading will add additional cost to everything we buy, be it a service or product. In effect it is like another GST, except we don't know how much that extra cost will be.

Allan Bollard mentioned the added inflationary costs of these GW taxes but our mainstream media seemed to have collective ignorance over these basic economics.

Cullen has strangled the economy so hard with his overburdened taxes and spending, last month taxes actually dropped by over $700 million.

Don't be fooled, Dr Cullen is a bright man, regardless of his mis management of the economy over the last 9 years.

He has a philosophically socialist agenda though, with all its attendant consequences(and expenses) and he is clearly sticking to it come hell or high water.

More than ever now we need tax cuts, they stimulate economies, especially during dark times like these.

Dr Cullen's track record is poor, his handling of the economy during economic conditions the best we have had in generations borders on the slippery. He has crowed for the last 9 years about his results, given these conditions, which he had no influence on, but now abdicates that responsibility now that the brown stuff has hit the you know what.

Hang on, if you are a socialist you can take the plaudits for something you didn't do and abdicate responsibility for your failures, all at the same time keeping a straight face.

You cant have it both ways Dr Cullen.

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