Friday, 16 May 2008

Something in the State of New Zealand is rotten

Just when you thought things couldn't get worse for the New Zealand Labour Party, along comes the scandal to beat all scandals, one of Helen Clark's ex employees, Maryanne Thompson, is tarred with the corruption brush and Ministers knowing this chose not to disclose and are now not talking to the media.

Lets go back a bit though.

In the last few weeks we have had a major u turn on the nonsense "climate change" policy, Michael Cullen's failed 9 year fiscal policy continuing to have a dire economic fallout, Phillip Field's corruption trial finally given the go ahead after a prior 2005 election cover up by the Labour Party, the massive hypocrisy of Auckland Airport being bared from a sale but Vector assets sold to our new friends in China, revelations that Alexandra school children were being taught in shipping containers, Michael Cullen caught out lying about the cost of "kiwi rail", the worst economic figures in generations; 29000 less people working and fatal retail sales and a list as long as your arm of ministerial gaffs and malfeasant behavior.

The latest scandal is fraught with much speculation but this is clear. Ministers from the Labour cabinet are involved and knew what was going on with Maryanne Thompson.

Thompson fudged her credentials, gave relatives quick shift through our immigration department to illegally obtain New Zealand residence and favoured friends and family in rewarding large contracts, as the taxpayer money slipped through her fingers like so much confetti .

Trevor Mallard was the Minister responsible at the time and there are rumours that he was aware of the shady business of Thompson and her co-workers. He was aware of Phillip Field and his pre 2005 Election corruption and kept it mum, so why would this case be any different.

Labour voters really cant have alot of confidence in their political masters, the Labour Party.

Their modus operandi is secretive and corrupt. A party that has had secret donations made from Owen Glen, a wealthy billionaire, has stolen taxpayer money to buy the 2005 election, has done their best to stop opposition to the 2008 election by passing the fascist Electoral Finance Act and has had their leader, Helen Clark been caught out lying several times and simply cannot be trusted.

The latest polls reflect that Labour is set for one of the biggest losses in their party history but is only going to be tempered by the large amount of working New Zealander's taxes that are going to be handed out to buy the votes of those too selfish to think of others or simply ignorant of the real state of the nation and how much Helen Clark and her merry bunch of socialist misfits have contributed to it.

We the voter shouldn't forget the Watergate scandal from the 1970s, that brought down the Nixon Government. It was predicated by a break in and a cover up of that break in. Much worse has happened during the 9 years of labour.

Where are our Woodward and Bernstein when we need them?

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