Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Go ahead, make my Day

PC used to mean a big burly strong, tall, male Police Constable not politically correct.

The shooting of an Indian dairy owner by some low life Polynesians last weekend continued the PC garbage image of the police.

Instead of going in with guns immediately and shooting the bugger dead we have an innocent victim six feet under instead.

"Police protocol" apparently had to be followed and 30 minutes after the first call to the boys in blue they arrived. About 25 minutes too late.

This kind of nonsense was also followed after the Kahui slayings and when the young wild man Wallace went on a rampage with golf clubs and baseball bats and was rightly shot for his troubles before he injured or killed an innocent victim.

The constable who shot him was wrongly vilified by the criminal's family and the police gave him little backing.

The problem isn't the cops on the beat as such, but their political masters, the Labour Party, who have hamstrung the cops to such an extent they are too scared to do their duty-protect and serve the public.

When an excuse is made by the cops in the latest incident, that they wanted to make sure it was safe for them before they entered the dairy then you know you have a big problem. What about keeping the public safe, it is your job!!

It is time the head of the Police, Howard Broad, stepped down from his position because of the failure he clearly is. Appointed by Helen Clark herself, this man has been guilty of manipulating young constables in the past, not to breath test him after being found drunk at the wheel of his car. He is a disgrace and so is Clark for appointing him. She knew he was a drunk driver.

What we need is a Dirty Harry rather than a Deborah Harry at the top. New Zealanders are sick of being victims and it is time we took back the streets, in South Auckland and other desolate parts of the country.

Instead of reporting to base after a shooting to get approval to use guns, make sure their hair is parted on the left and their pants are not too tight and put innocent lives at risk, all we need is a Clint Eastwood to answer a victim's call with a few succinct sounds.


We know what the alternative is and it is unacceptable to most of us.

c Political Animal 2008


  1. I had the feeling you'd be related to Clint.

    I've got no sympathy for greedy people who open up endless booze shops in areas like Manurewa, Mangere and Otara.


    The police have shown themselves as cowards - leaving a man to die for 26 minutes is cowardly and disgusting!

  2. The individual who was brutally murdered was a hard working man, NOT greedy.

    You should hang your head in shame at the suggestion you have not sympathy for his death.

    On your last point you are 110% correct and that was kind of the whole point of the piece,the piece being the Magnum DH would have used on the punk who took an innocent mans life.