Tuesday, 12 August 2008

70 years of dependence and failure

Prime Minister Michael Joseph Savage helped introduce
the Welfare State to New Zealand in 1938. This move
led to thousands of New Zealanders becoming dependant
on taxpayers and the inevitable breakdown in families,
crime, abuse and recently the murder of countless young'
children and babies. Savage is held as a hero to the present
Labour Government but in reality his introduction of welfare
has led to 70 years of decline for our society and will get worse
unless something is changed. John Key yesterday telegraphed

In the wake of John Key's forward looking announcement of a "restructuring" of the welfare system yesterday, today Helen Clark celebrated 70 years of the welfare state by opening a "museum of social security".

I had to take a second look at the TV and open my ears as I couldn't believe the news report. Yes a museum of welfare!

Ms Clark and her party are stuck in the past and are continuing in action the phrase that the hapless Michael Joseph Savage coined in 1938 "from the cradle to the grave".

John Key's announcement yesterday could well be as momentous and pivotal for this country, in a positive way, as Savage's introduction of welfare was destructive.

Far from celebrating the socialist cotton wool wrapped welfare State that Labour and Sir Arnold Nordmeyer foisted upon the New Zealand population in 1938 and has largely destroyed thousands of kiwis lives since, we should be instead pinpointing that day 70 years ago as the start of the decline of the New Zealand way of life.

From that date we were no longer independent individuals. We became dependant slaves of the State machine.

Savage and Nordmeyer are collectives not to be looked up to, for their introduction of welfare and the dependence and grief it has subsequently caused is something shameful and must be critiqued at every opportunity.

Only the truly ignorant and those in the present Labour Party with their socialist agendas would celebrate such a failure as the welfare State.

Kiwis now clearly want a return to a fairer system of welfare, one used as a backstop, not a lifestyle and any celebration of the creation of the welfare state should be done so in dark rooms, with whispers, Labour Party disciples only and downward cast eyes.

So today should be a day of mourning for our welfare system, not celebration.

Simply because it doesn't work.

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