Monday, 4 August 2008

Labour Party's anti growth stance reckless

"Mr Key is being reckless and gambling with the country's future".

Ms Clark, New Zealand Prime Minister, for 3 more months, is talking about the National Party's plan to borrow, for investing in New Zealand's crumbling infrastructure.

Helen and the Labour Party of course borrow at present. The bulk of it though goes on wasteful spending of the socialist nanny State ilk. State houses, banks, railways, free student money, Working for Families welfare, yadda, yadda, yadda. You get the picture.

Borrowing to build a nation is eminently sensible. We have seen over Winter how a lack of spending on electricity infrastructure has cost the nation NZ 3 billion dollars-in lost production due to power cut backs and billions more due to a lack of faith by prospective companies investing in New Zealand.

Labour has been using cashflow to invest in the wasteful state apparatus that they run and that has led to kiwis paying more and more tax and individuals ending up with high personal debt. A well run country needs to invest in growth rather than socialist dictum's and not to borrow to invest in growth is a highly dangerous agenda.

That is essentialially the socialist way though. According to Cullen himself his government is there to "redistribute wealth" and by default this means that any growth of wealth comes way down any list the Dr of History-not economics-might have on his wall next to the hapless Mickey Savage.

We need to look forward, rather than the backwards way the moronic, dangerous, socialists look at things.

The path to prosperity lies in investing for the future. Borrowing to effect that is eminently sensible and National should be praised for going out on a limb on this.

To continue along the present path, as Helen Clark rightly says, "is being reckless and gambling with the countrys future" and means New Zealand is headed, as we have been over the last 9 years, towards certain financial ruin.

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