Monday, 1 September 2008

Clark: Cornered and Desperate

Yet more desperation from a cornered Helen Clark.

Clark could go before the Privileges Committee this Thursday, if called.

Clark would be asked how much more she knows about Winston Peters and the $100,000 he got from Owen Glenn.

Direct from the Winston Peters playbook called "Accuse when you are being attacked" Clark has come out with a bizarre and unsubstantiated claim that the Serious Fraud Office tipped off the National Party over their move on Peters.

Smearing the SFO for no good reason? well, Labour and Winston have been trying to get rid of the SFO for some time but simply making up stuff to deflect from the fact that you haven't been honest about what you knew about Peters and his wayward donations is clearly VERY desperate stuff.

Of course the accusation hold no water. The SFO and John Key have come out and put the record straight.

There was no tip off.

To accuse a Government department of corruption -that is what a real tip-off to a political party would be- is a very serious statement to make in isolation from the whole Glenn/Peters/Clark saga, but making it in conjunction with fact floating around her about a Prime Minister withholding information on a fellow Minister, who is under the cloud of corruption charges is a desperate move in the extreme.

It exemplifies the strain Ms Clark has put herself under by not being open and honest in the first place.

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