Tuesday, 2 September 2008

I have the same haircut as Obama

I have to admit it I am like Obama because I have a similar haircut-it doesn't make me Presidential material though.

O.K. lets have a full look at the article that the Left is bleating about to deflect scrutiny over secret donations, undeclared funds and lies from Winston Peters and omissions of truth from the Prime Minister over Winnie's behaviour.

Here is the Obama reference in its full context where it makes sense. From the Financial Times.

But John Key, a 47-year-old former Merrill Lynch investment banker and republican, risks arriving ahead of time.

After entering parliament just six years ago he stunned many by taking over in 2006 as leader of the conservative National party and he will become the most inexperienced politician to lead New Zealand in more than 100 years if he succeeds in winning government.

“I’m a bit like [Barack] Obama. I am not institutionalised in Wellington [the country’s capital],” Mr Key told the Financial Times from his parliamentary office. “I had 18 years in the commercial world and I will be quite pragmatic.”

Mr Key said his years in Singapore, London, and New York, where he latterly ran global foreign exchange for Merrill Lynch and spent two years on the foreign exchange committee of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, would help.


It was a small, off the cuff comment by Key, the larger part of the article mentions nothing else Obamaesque-thank god for that!!

Duncan Garner on TV3 last night is getting almost as desperate as Helen Clark.

Another fabricated non-story about Lord Ashcroft meeting John Key for dinner, and the Obamarama piece latter on in the TV3 "news".

But he conceded that his experience in finance was useful only to a point. “There are a huge range of issues you need to be across. Economics is good but it is only one part,” he said.

It is very 3rd form video studies type stuff from Garner.

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