Thursday, 4 September 2008

I smell something very unfunny

The bullshit from Winston Peters is set to continue this morning.

The Privileges Committee that is looking into secret donations from Owen Glenn to Winston Peters/NZ First sits again and will apparently hear new written evidence from Owen Glenn and clearly yet more bullshit from Peters.

It has been rumoured that Glenn will appear in person before the Committee next week.

Since the committee sat last Thursday Peters and his party has been beset by a slew of new donation revelations and more bullshit from Winnie supporters to explain these revelations away.

The more time passes, the closer Winston's initial lies and denials over getting money from Glenn, the Vela Brothers, Bob Jones and probably yours truly(I forget) cant withstand scrutiny.

More lies and excuses have had to be spun to explain away the inconsistencies of previous bullshitting.

The latest revelation earlier this week from Peter Brown, NZ First MP and Winnie's bed mate, was that office staff had "make a mistake" over $50000.00 of donations made to the party in 2005 and not declared and therefore that is the end of the matter.

Id like to know the name of the auditor blamed and hear what he has to say.

The stink over that cow dung is extruded to great lengths even further because Prime Minister Helen Clark believes that the explanation from Brown is plausible and things are just hunky dory.

Perhaps the fact that Ms Clark's Labour Party are now passing multiple poorly drafted and fraudulently intentioned laws(the Emissions Trading(TAX) Bill and Bio-fuels Bill two glaring examples)under urgency and she needs Peters vote to get them through, has something to do with her complicity in the face of the cow pats raining down on her from her support Party.

Meanwhile Bauble Boy Peters has been stood down from office but still receives the $500 a day salary, expenses, ministerial limo and car and various taxpayer funded support staff.

From an individual who said before the 2005 election that he would "not take the baubles of office" over his political principles(I'm doubled up and writhing on the floor with laughter at this point) it is clear that it is only the Baubles that now exist.

It is time that Winston Peter's Baubles were taken in hand and removed by Clark but because her political future is in doubt she is afraid to grab them.

And that just stinks.

c Political Animal 2008

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