Saturday, 6 September 2008

KiwiRail rolls out cutting edge technology

For two decades it sat rusting in a museum, a memory of days gone by just after WW2.

The train was built in 1949 and is the centrepiece of KiwiRail's commuter service in Wellington.

In a few weeks, the ancient electric train will return to the rails for the first time in 23 years to "ease pressure" on the Hutt Valley line.

There is talk of resurrecting steam trains from the Museum of Transport and Technology in Auckland to allow the 3 people who currently use the train in West Auckland to "travel like they used to in the old days".

The three commuters in question, all over 85 years old, were asked by KiwiRail management, what would it be like to "travel like they used to", Mildred Clarke replied, "it would be lovely, but when you used the term like they used to dear, we had no idea they were the same trains we were going to school in over 70 years ago son".

The age of steam has surely arrived and Kiwis can now be proud that the Government has provided this cutting edge technology for the working-class proletariat.

It makes one hanker for the 7 series BMW limos that Helen lady uses, said Gertrude Floss, Mildred's younger more hip friend.

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