Monday, 1 September 2008

Labour Party Blog echoes its leaders sentiments

The Labour Party's direct mouthpiece on the Internet, the Labour Party funded The Standard Blog is doing a Helen Clark-she refused to speak over the weekend. It is discussing everything but the Glenn/Peters/Clark payola scandal because even "Steve Pierson" who wrote this, cant spin the news story of last week and at least another couple of weeks, in Labour's favour.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on Peters because its not the kind of issue that affects Kiwis lives (its messy but its not like secretly planning to sell public assets). I’d rather use my post-writing time taking a deeper look at the findings of the Social Report. But…

What else are the girls at The Standard talking about instead of THE most important political crises since Muldoon got pissed and called an early election in 1984?

John Key on Facebook-or my Facebook is bigger than yours

After I was part of the ‘Great NZ Sell-off’ skit protest outside the National Party conference at the start of the month, I did a wee interview with a journo from NewstalkZB and he, knowing I’ve got something to do with this interweb thing, asked ‘what do you think of the fact that John Key’s Facebook page has twice as many supporters as Helen Clark’s?’

Morris Williamson's sensible ideas on road funding from a week ago-Labour will toll and has already passed legislation to allow local politicians to charge 5c a litre on your gas. Extra taxes for your Holden will also be on the cards under Labour.

John Key tells us that National hasn’t decided yet what it would spend its extra borrowing on, what projects would be PPPs, what roads would be tolled under National.

Labours List-buried by the Glenn/Peters/Clark scandal, I think the author meant to write "our" instead of "their".

Comment soon but for now here’s their full list (PDF link).

A deluge of Australians moving to New Zealand-What?

We’re used to hearing opposition parties talk about people rushing to Australia. But let’s remember we’re attractive to Australia too

The Social Policy Report-A self-congratulatory Labour prepared report on how much Labour have helped the proletariat.

These things do not just happen and they are not just the actions of ‘evil’ people who deserve punishment; they are social phenomena linked to the health of a society.

Homosexuals in New Zealand-The fascination by Labour for everything but Mum Dad and the kids. Apparently one cant have a different opinion if you are not a Homosexual and if you do you are somehow a "gay hater".

Youtube Video

Dancing around the subject is not my style. I like to face up to my accusers. It is something that one does when one doesn't have anything to hide. One can have respect for an individual, even if they have committed a heinous act, if they simply front up and tell the truth.

You have to ask yourself then if you are being truthful about getting donations from wealthy business people or having timing and disclosure issues over when you heard something then if you were telling the truth you would front up with the goods.

Our Prime Minister, Ms Clark, hasn't been up front yet and there have been questions over her honesty, again, and Winston Peters has clearly been caught out lying through his back teeth.

The Labour Party Blog, The Standard is echoing its Prime Minister's prevarication on the truth, stalling tactics, bluster and spin.

Meanwhile today, back on the main news story of the past week and probably this one and longer, Helen Clark may be called before the Privileges Committee to give her evidence that she knew about the Owen Glenn donation in February and kept it secret until last week.

Interesting that a Lawyer that works close with the Government on Government legal contracts, May Chen, said yesterday on Agenda that those with hearsay evidence-Helen Clark and Owen Glenn-should be before the Privileges Committee, so they can see witnesses' "demeanor".

Chen dismissed having Clark as an in-person witness but mentioned that Owen Glenn in the same capacity was crucial for hearsay evidence.

Funny that Clark spun that same line this morning on the Paul Holmes show and quoted May Chen and the Agenda programme.

It really is a small world.

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