Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Labour Party Blog gets a news bypass

While very serious issues of honesty and accountability surround Winston Peters and his boss Ms Clark, it might be interesting to see what blogs of all flavours are talking about.

Lets start with the Labour Party affiliated and funded blog The Standard.

It has its crotchless knickers in a twist over Key making a reference to Barry Obama, a meeting between Lord Ashcroft and John Key-both clear made up "news" and the new National Party billboards.

From The Standard:


OK, so there are limitless ways to mock the Nat’s ‘WW2 bombers flying to Chile’ billboard (send us yours to add to these ones) but I want to quickly examine it seriously as a piece of political argument. Continue reading ‘Dissection’

Every other blog is commenting on the only story in politics-the Winston/Clark/Glenn Payola scandal:

From Whaleoil:

A suggestion for the SFO

As the Serious Fraud Office has now moved on obtained documents regarding the alleged corruption of Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode it begs the question as to what else there may be out there.

While the previously secret video clip questions Suminovich’s credibility I’m not sure it is the smoking gun it was touted to be against Peters.

We know what Winnie is up to at his girlfriend's house in Herne Bay-blogging

Winston Says Blog

…climate change is bigger than petty politics……

“We believe that an emissions trading system is the sensible approach for New Zealand to take in response to the huge challenge of climate change.”

Who said that?

I’ll tell you – it was the National Party’s Nick Smith at the end of 2007 talking on the Climate Change Bill. Smith went on to say, “We now welcome the fact that there is consensus between the major parties that an Emissions Trading System, covering all sectors and all gases, is the right way forward.”

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