Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Following revelations yesterday that many donations made to the political party NZ First, were not declared simply because the office girl "made a mistake" German public relations guru Private Schultz (by name and by nature) has now come to Winston Peters defence and is speaking on his behalf.

When asked what Peters had told him about donations from Mr Owen Glenn, Sir Robert Jones, The Vela brothers and a whole host of other secret donations Private Schultz replied, "I know nothing, I see nothing , I say nothing".

Given the German connection now apparent SFO Investigators are now searching Berlin for evidence of donations from various German sources to Winston Peters or his party but they are being hamstrung by a plain buxom blond office girl, who has just started in the job and has a bad memory.

The girl, German wrestler Helene Clarkitz was staying silent. Sources say six months of interogation might make her talk, because Clark was "one sour kraut".

Private Schultz' law firm Hogan, Kintch, LeBeau, Carter and Newkirk partners are advising lawyers for Winston Peters and have been retained for the duration of the opposition attack on Peters.

Another source close to the story, Mr Klink had only one thing to say about the whole saga.


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