Wednesday, 1 October 2008

An alternative report on crime

Labours much talked about 1% overall drop in crime released today leads me to discuss another type of report on crime, that of unreported crime and the rise of this phenomenon.

In the last nine years of Labour's 3 terms I have been the victim of crime a number of times:

1. Car broken into - 3 times

2. Assaulted

3. prowlers around the house

4. minor theft - 3 times

5. cyber crime 

6. telephone abuse

7. Fraud

I must point out, I have no beef with the police as a whole, it is their political masters that are to blame for the high unreported crime rates

None of these crimes I have reported to police because I have learnt on previous occasions that police in general are not interested in these sorts of crimes and the victim is wasting their time because police have been directed politically to collect tax on behalf of government through vehicle infringement fines instead.

Police time is also taken up with politically correct mumbo jumbo such as police "cultural beliefs" and "diversity".

My friends and acquaintances can tell similar stories.

This is why the official reported crime stats are highly inaccurate and don't tell the full picture at all. Official crime stats are not too clever either. Violent crime is up by 11% for the year and 47% for Labour's 9 years.

The causes of the high crime rates are clear and related directly to the record numbers on welfare, the associated breakdown in families, the lax attitude to personal responsibility placed on doing wrong, that is taught through schools and government social agencies, and the inadequate sentences for the whole range of crime.

Annette King deserves a big mother of a slap across her well upholstered chops for her poor record and so does her party.

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