Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The Bungas go after the Honkys

They say an election is an advanced auction of stolen goods so what better place for the Maori Party to release their economic and social policies but the heart of the auction process Flaxmere in Hastings, my old stomping ground-Hastings not Flaxmere.

The Maori Party are apparently going to attack the dole:

"Every time they [governments] say 'we've got no money', do you notice they find some - like the other day? I know that they always keep a bit of money in the drawer so they can do these things."

She also supported a call to abolish the unemployment benefit.

I'm opposed to the dole. I don't think it is healthy for the spirit of our people, to be getting money for doing nothing." Taniana Turia


Curious that they would advocate the end of the dole for Maori when they have spent the last 3 years trying to get more welfare for the very same people.

Could it be an election is but 3 weeks away and they want to get the Honky vote?

Yes, that is exactly what it is.

Very clever, the pitch to middle class whitey, to do what they would do if they had power and position. Removing the dole from the hopeless Horis is a full-scale attempt to get the white mans vote.

Lets face it, the party that was built on racism has perfected this sort of pitch to the guilty middle class Honky and the removal of the dole mantra has an edge of guilt laced with a centre of satisfaction should the dole ever be consigned to the Marae dustbin in welfare hovels like Flaxmere.

The fact that this is unlikely to happen is another point entirely but surely we can admire the sheer size of the testicles of members of the Maori Party for giving it a go-even Taniara Turia.

Aren't the Maori Party just lovely?! I am so pleased about their dole policy I might just party vote Maori.

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