Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Clark stretches new Peter's revelation into wafer thin excuse

Not that it matters materially anymore because those that vote for him are going to anyway but Winston Peters continued denials that Owen Glenn was in the running for Honorary Consul General in Monaco and that Peters had at some stage advocated for Glenn to get that position have been revealed today as another lie in a long list from the disgraced bent politician:

Foreign Minister Winston Peters initially pushed hard for expatriate billionaire Owen Glenn to be made New Zealand honorary consul in Monaco, papers released today reveal.

Mr Glenn donated $100,000 to pay for the New Zealand First leader's legal fees in 2005.

A memo on April 19, 2007 from Mfat chief executive Simon Murdoch said Mr Peters "wants to appoint an honorary consul in Monaco. It is a distinguished expat of his choice."A memo the next day said the name mentioned was Owen Glenn... "I have no further details except that he is a mega-rich NZer living in Monaco. Presumably someone can google him".

Mr Peters said after the donations row exploded that questions about the Monaco appointment were hypothetical as there was no such post. More

The fact that when Owen Glenn mentioned he had been offered the position he called Glenn some sort of fantasist for saying so rubs salt into the whole scandal.

And finally and perhaps more importantly Helen Clark sees nothing wrong for a Minister of her Cabinet to accept $100,000 from an individual and latter advocate an important government position in return because:

Prime Minister Helen Clark also said there was "no issue" because no appointment had been made. More 

Well Ms Clark, the simple advocating for cash regardless of a position in return or not is the crux of the matter not the outcome.

About trust indeed.

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