Thursday, 23 October 2008

Deluded media beat-up denies public the truth

The media attention to Lockwood Smith's comments 2 days ago about immigrants and their abilities or otherwise to do particular jobs or the inability to toilet themselves without coaching were interesting.

It wasn't the comments that were controversial in any way whatsoever because certain races do have particular physical or mental traits that make them good at one thing and crap at another. Lockwood Smith was simply conveying the truth, from information passed on by employers who have experience with immigrant workers.

The controversy really lies at the reaction from the politically correct media, lefty politicians and John Key's over the top reaction to publicly censor Smith for no particular reason other than he might have pissed a few Wellington egg heads off, and to get the snivelling media off his back.

For Smith to have to apologise to professional racist Taniana Turia is really scraping the barrel of filth.

One might also like to point out that the All Blacks have mostly Island and Maori Boys, the Tall Blacks have mostly tall players, most sprinters and the majority of NBA players are black, jockeys are small and light and mostly white and the New Zealand Woman's netball team is, well, fully comprised of women.

All participants in these sports are picked because of their particular abilities and certainly black athletes prevail in sports that require strength, speed, and brute force.

Nothing racist about picking people by ability in this way at all, or to point it out, like Lockwood Smith did, that this is the case.

To vilify an individual in this way by using PC group speak such as "racist" and "bigot" is merely giving way to an intellectually bankrupt idea that those that speak the loudest, with inappropriate labeling and have the opportunity to do so-such as the media and barking mad socialists like Helen Clark-are right simply because someone might be "offended" by the truth.

What this does is stifle free and open speech and quite simply removes us several factors away from truth and therefore democracy.

Interesting that David Cunliffe, who apparently has a propensity to try and eradicate racism from the face of the earth had a go at the Asian accent Benny Hill Style in 2005 when he mocked Pansy Wong's  in Parliament but little was made of it by the mainstream media.

Go figure.


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