Friday, 10 October 2008

Freedom Killer

Restrictions on what we can eat, drink, smoke, what we can say, how our kids play at school and whether we can discipline them, what light bulbs we can use at home, and now restrictions on how much water we can use when we are in our showers.

The Labour Party have passed new building legislation that will come into force in February that means all new houses and bathroom renovations will have their showers water flow restricted by law by 60%.


I have lots of questions.

How will this restriction be enforced? 

Will we have shower police? 

Will we have web connected cameras ensuring we don't use too much water or power?

Will Jeanette Fitzsimons and Helen Clark be sharing a shower to save water?

The truth is it ain't funny at all. These small things are all attacks on our freedoms and these communistic type attacks on our way of life need to stop.

Who do these bastards think they are?  

The fact they can even contemplate these sorts of bizarre ideas and put them out there as "normal" behaviour just defies belief and commonsense.

An Editorial in Hawkesbay Today sums things up well for me:

What have New Zealanders done to deserve the growth of a culture of such busybody legislation? Is there nothing that can escape the dreadful ambitions of ideologues committed to straightening "the crooked timber of humanity"? It is but another example of creeping control that invades our lives for no other reason than a presumption that the state and its institutions know, far better than we do, how we ought to behave.

The Editor is discussing the banning of wood burners in my hometown of Hastings(a very cold place in Winter) and the merits of using heat pumps instead-don't we have a power shortage?

Of course the Greens and Labour who have pushed the banning of home fires forget that a locally sourced form of heat is far more efficient that electricity used in a heat pump because that electricity has to travel hundreds of miles to get to the source.

Bugger practicality though, as long as it fits the bizarre green agenda that Labour and its supporters push it is OK.

Hang on a sec, if I cant have a decent shower why don't I just have a bath instead.

Ah oh, baths could be next on the ban list.

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  1. It's a bloody outrage! No more Nanny State. If Labour wins this election we're off to Aussie. We can't stand the crap any longer. God this place has turned into a hole!

  2. Judging by the latest poll though it looks like the sheeple want to be told what to do..

    Its a shit hole all right