Thursday, 2 October 2008

Google Politics

There have been some interesting recent Google searches to reach the Political Animal Blog.

Here are a few: losing

A nice thought Goff age of consent&btnG=Google Search&aq=f&oq=

Phil wanted to have sex between "consenting" 12 year olds made legal view is that tax cuts are largely offered as a political bribe, not because of beneficial economic or social effects%22&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8

Michael Cullen, the taxman, must have been on his office computer that night,DAUS:2006-08,DAUS:en&q=new zealand ETS bill impacts on transportation&start=10&sa=N

The Emissions Tax Scam will have a disastrous effect on New Zealand's economic well being meaning of alice in wonderland&btnG=Search&meta=

Winston Peters exploits have gone the world over labour party policies 2008&btnG=Search

I don't recall any Labour 2008 election policy that has thus far been released PRICK WHO BANNED BULLRUSH&meta=

I agree with the "prick part", but Labours PPTA might have something to do with it for kiwirail&btnG=Google Search&meta=

In the wake of another $120 million taxpayer dollars down the tube for Labour's billion dollar trainset nuclear option&meta=

A solution to our politically engineered energy crises Peters Photo&hl=en&start=10&sa=N

Winnie looking for the latest photo of himself helen clark young lover

Does the googler know something we don't? bill voting 2008&btnG=Search

Kiwi voters want to know who voted against free speech last year zealand labour party blog&

Not here, this is Political Animal a semi-respectable organ of the internet press, the official Labour Party blog is The Standard referendum numbers&btnG=Search

One of the most popular Google searches to reach this site helen clarke sound&meta=&btnG=Google Search

Its about trust? in nz politics&meta=&btnG=Google Search&aq=t

That would be nice auckland unemployment&hl=en&sa=2

Its quite disproportionally higher than most other parts of the country

I think these little Googles show that New Zealand voters, at least those that are motivated to search and find out more about politics, want to be aware of what is going on politically and are not as stupid as politicians from the left think they are.

They want to find out the substance of the
politician before they use their valuable vote and that really is important when these people are going to be reaching into your pockets for the next 3 years.

Your vote is important. 

c Political Animal 2008

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