Monday, 6 October 2008

Its about the economy stupid

Much has been written about the current meltdown of the worlds financial markets and apart from the fact that it is failure brought on by politicians interfering in the free market, rather than the favourite whipping boy of the socialists, the free market itself, it presents problems for our new government come November 8 2008-whoever gets elected.

This election is really about the economy. If it is about trust, then it is about who you would trust to manage their way through a deep recession, one that we are already in by the way.

Michael Cullen and Labour have mis-managed their way through 10s of billions of taxpayer dollars over the last 9 years.

Given that we have had the best economic conditions in generations, our economy did average to poor and the high taxes that were siphoned off during those good times has produced nothing but a bloated bureaucrat heavy unproductive nation on the brink of economic collapse.

As a voter you would have to ask yourself, where was the restraint, where was the saving for a rainy day approach? Instead we got the Robin Hood plunder the taxpayer approach to give to those who didn't earn it in the first place.

The fact is Cullen found it difficult to manage an economy with the best economic conditions in generations, with economic conditions at crisis levels he is a mere possum caught in the headlights.

All quotes are from the Granny Herald:

"New Zealand is facing a serious economic challenge..."

Aug 29

"There's a lot of factors coming together there," Dr Cullen said. "I think probably the worst is over now."

Sept 12

"...but the economy was vulnerable to an expected slowdown in the global economy.

Sept 15

"...was welcome news ahead of the expected recovery in the fourth quarter of this year".

Sept 29

"...the problem could earlier be deemed a financial crisis rather than an economic one, it was getting beyond that now".

Oct 1

Michael Cullen seems more than a little schizophrenic on the state of our economy and while so unsure about it he has continued spending like a drunken bloody sailor to buy votes for the 2008 election!

The truth is Michael Cullen's only success in his nine years at the financial helm has been to overtax working kiwis and he has done that very well, he achieved his socialist goal, but when it comes to matters productive his petticoat is showing and it is in need of a damn good wash and disinfectant.

You are better off with a man who has experience in complex financial matters, not a PHD in History, as Michael Cullen is, a man who has run a business and knows about growing that business, in good times and bad.

John key is that man and his life from welfare recipient to multimillionaire through hard work and determination is evidence of that.

The 2008 Election really is about the economy and there is nothing stupid about that.

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