Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Labour set to enter our bedrooms

The shower head saga has come to a head again.

This time in the face of an election Labour deny that they will restrict your shower time and water pressure, even though Government officials are discussing that very thing right now and seem intent on passing it in February.

I wouldn’t ordinarily re-visit what might seem at first a trivial matter but it aint trivial at all. It is about New Zealander's freedoms. The freedoms that have been lost over the last 9 years of a Labour Government and it will not stop at the bathroom, it will be the bedroom next-there has already been discussion from the feminazi lawyers in government positions about relaxing rape laws so as to almost make written consent for everyday sex a wise thing should a male want to stay a free spirit and a woman withdraw consent after the act- and it will not stop there.

The shower head controversy is a symbol for what Labour have done to us and our freedoms and they will pass the new law if they get back in, you would have to be a filthy, smelly little greeny prick of a moron if you thought otherwise.

Let me misquote a famous Charton Heston quote.

You are going to have to prise my cold dead hands from my 20 litre a minute shower head if you want it.

Don’t let Labour screw you again, because they will.

c Political Animal 2008

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