Thursday, 30 October 2008

Labour's blog follows leader's line

The Labour Party Blog, The Standard, is following Helen Clark's line of, where there is smoke there is fire even though he has been cleared of any wrongdoing:

As so often with Key, we are left asking the same question: ‘if he has nothing to hide, why all the lies?’

They were also in possession of the same information that Mike Williams and the Labour party research unit had dug up on Key over the last few years, and of course they would because those running this blog are a key part of Labour's dirt digging. 

"...we had material anonymously emailed to us that gave the background to the H-fee and included a series of posts outlining the issue..."

Those running the blog are either directly connected to Labour Party hierarchy or are employed in various government departments that trawl for dirt on opposition parties.

The line followed by The Standard includes references to how "complicated" the whole H-fee scandal is and of course that must mean:

"...he clearly knows more than he led us to believe..."

This is the same implication that Helen Clark puts on the whole baseless saga.

The latest revelation on the Labour mud flinging is that Clark knew about Mike William's dirt digging. She yesterday denied any knowledge.

Another lie.

Just more lies, hoping something will stick.

If this has what politics has got to we are all in big trouble.

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