Thursday, 23 October 2008

Leaving the nest

The latest stats for immigration of Kiwis to Oz is a record number, no surprise there, those that have money, prospects, ambition and are sick to death with government interference in their lives, to the extent now they want regulate shower times, are leaving. Sure it is the easy way out, why not stay and fight?

Well, it is increasingly getting difficult to stay because of the heavy burden that Labour have laid on them. 

What is clear is that the 47, 200 New Zealanders leaving will just be the tip of the iceberg should Labour get re-elected come Novemeber 8:

Figures published by Statistics New Zealand yesterday show about 47,200 people left New Zealand for Australia on a permanent or long-term basis during the year to September. About 13,200 came the other way.

That produced a net outflow of 33,900 people from NZ to Australia - the highest since records were first compiled in 1978.

The previous peak was 33,700 in January 1989.

NZ Herald

I personally will be leaving to go somewhere(I can hear a collective cheer from some) either Dallas or somewhere in Australia and will take my wife, money and hard-working taxpaying arse with me because the future would be bleak with another Marxist, socialist Labour Government.

We can look forward to more of the same bullshit. More welfare, more Government interfering, more mis-managing of the economy, more State directed dependence, crumbling government services and yes, shorter showers.

Part of me wants to see Labour returned to power so they can completely stuff up the possibility of being re-elected for a generation but I care too much about this country to see that happen.

It is going to be tough going for any government over the next 5 or six years because of the economic direness that Labour have managed us into but the coming tough times will have John Key in his element. Finance and economics is his specialty.

To have the Helen and Mikey show again is going to be fantastic for Air New Zealand and for those leaving on their planes to Australia, they will do well, because the best people are leaving and most will not come back.

The record numbers presently leaving will look small in proportion to those if a Labour government is re-elected.

Vote wisely this election.

c Political Animal 2008

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