Friday, 17 October 2008

The left get their panties in a bunch

So the rabid left don't think John Key is going to be flexible with their Maori seats policy if it means they can negotiate a deal for form a government after the election huh?

Helen Clark has been as flexible as a Russian contortionist on acid when it comes to Winston Peters and his support. She hasn't ruled him in, she hasn't ruled him out but she is telling the public neither one thing or the other but in private she will negotiate a deal with the devil to get back into power after November 8.

So the head girl hasn't been open and honest herself-again!! Isn't there a story there?

Duncan Garner is doing handstands because he is making negative stuff up about Key that any other party running for a seat is doing right now.

For goodness sake even the Maori Party said publicly a few weeks ago that they could do a deal with National but in private they have been saying to their supporters that they wouldn't do a deal with National because they will remove the Maori seats! Isn't that a story?

Where is the story when it comes to John Key?

There simply ain't one.

It looks to the untrained observer that Key has been indecisive-even though he seems to have attained a new found confidence and has handed this latest left spin well-but if you observe closely it really is just left wing media spin.

The meaningless attacks from the left wing media always seem to come when Key has punished Clark's popularity publicly, as he did during the Prime Ministerial debate on Tuesday but this latest drivel will simply be forgotten come election time because it doesn't matter.

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