Saturday, 4 October 2008

Magnum Farce

Dick of the week is Detective Senior Sergeant Dave Pizzini, a member of the South Auckland Police who has charged an individual for defending himself in another liquor store hold-up:

Pizzini said the arrest serves a reminder to all that taking the law into their own hands in some circumstances can not be justified.

"Shop keepers and the general public can be reassured that the police will respond with urgency to situations where assistance is needed.

"Ring 111, observe what is happening and let police deal with these situations," Mr Pizzini added.


It continues the same vein of politically correct policing that we have seen in a number of similar cases over the last few years that has led to the death of members of the public and police, arrests for victims defending themselves and a consequent increase in this type of crime.

A copycat attack this evening where a lotto shop owner is now in a serious condition is no surprise given the nonsense from moronic cops like Pizzini, and there will be more.

Political pressure on police hierarchy from the Police Minister and Helen Clark to go easy on what is Labour's voter base-the majority of these crimes have occurred in Labour's South Auckland-doesn't seem far from reality. 

New Zealand's PC police constables need to be directed by the Commissioner to police instead of being involved in PC nonsense like this.

We are in danger if we cant defend ourselves, and we are increasingly having to because police often don't come in time when called, if they bother to come at all.

It is political and can be blamed on a Labour Government who want to go easy on criminals and make it tough for the ordinary kiwi-as they do in every other government department they use to lord over the populace.

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