Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Time to focus on Michael Cullen's economic mis-management

Michael Cullen has fucked up the economy , lets be clear about that, I have been saying it for years and we are now in a disastrous financial position thanks to his mis-management of the economy.

I cant for the life of me then understand why the media is focusing on how John Key will pay for much needed tax cuts when the answer lie in what Michael Cullen has been wasting our money on for the last 9 years, bureaucracy, free money and wastage on things like KiwiRail, Working for Families welfare and interest free loans.

Cut back these and the stimulus of tax cuts will be easy to afford.

The real questions should be asked of Cullen.

How did he manage us into the recession we are in?
Why didn't he cut back unproductive spending?
Why didn't he cut taxes years ago?
Why given a looming recession did he buy KiwiRail for 6 times more than it was worth?
Why did he hire so many bureaucrats -an increase of more than 40% over 9 years-the health portfolio has 1 bureaucrat for every hospital bed!
Why did you buying votes with billions of taxpayer dollars before the 2002, 2005 Elections

Some serious questions have to be asked of Michael Cullen. He has spent our money like a drunken sailor over the last 9 years and simply doesn't care because the spending fits Labors socialist agendas.

The blame for our current mess lies almost completely with him. Outside forces have only had a minor influence thus far but will impact at a latter date.

He has simply spent everything New Zealanders have earn't over the last 9 years and he has dropped us in it.

Yesterdays books should mean toast for Labour for the 2008 Election and the media focus should be on their reckless fiscal ways not on erroneous stories about how National will afford tax cuts.

Helen Clark is right that the 2008 Election is about the economy, about how badly Cullen has managed it.

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