Tuesday, 28 October 2008

VIDEO: TV ONE 3rd John Key Helen Clark debate, Nov 5 2008

Helen Clark and John Key are all smiles in the final leaders' debate before the election - source ONE News

Watch the last debate between John Key and Helen Clark, broadcast live on TV One Wednesday 5 November 2008 , 7.00 pm and posted here shortly afterwards for you to watch in excruciating detail and the ability to slow down Helen Clark's lips as she lies her way towards another term in office.

Ist TV One Leaders debate

c Political Animal 2008


  1. Whatever...loser.

    ALL politicians are evil.

    My preference is Ms. Clark

  2. I agree with you to a certain extent Anon and your pick is the biggest evil pollie that I have known in NZ in my lifetime.

    Unlike Elton John, this bitch wont be back.