Monday, 10 November 2008

The backlash finally came

I have been writing about a compliant New Zealand public in the face of Labours last 9 years of nanny statism, crimes against democracy and the various lies and corrupt practices that Labour, its leader and its aligned party's have been up to for many years and have wondered when I was going to see a backlash against it.

I'm just wondering to myself, when is there going to be a backlash?

Where is the anger, the outrage, the venom, has Clark's regime breed the mongrel out of us?

There have been touches of it, with 
street protests against the Electoral Finance Bill, but those were tame. In Australia cars would be burned in the streets if their leaders tried this sort of fascist stuff!

There was a sign of it in July this year when thousands of trucks blocked city streets all over New Zealand. Kiwis overwhelmingly had sympathy with the truckies and not Helen and her ilk.

Largely though, people still supported Labour and continued to get their rights removed and PC nonsense piled on top of PC nonsense and took it lying down.

The showergate scandal, light bulb banning, on top of the donations sagas and its associated lies, mud smearing and small minded attitude to successful people by Clark, Cullen and their filthy socialist lot in the Labour Party really sent the message home to the average Kiwi that they were as mad as hell and they were not going to take it anymore.

I agree with some commentators that there was indeed a "mood for change" but the alternative in John Key was more of an impetus to get people voting against the "loony left" and for "commonsense John" than a mere "need for change".

We have done the backlash by electing John Key as Prime Minister, now lets get behind him so he can help us change things back to where the majority of us can truly live again.

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