Sunday, 16 November 2008

Don McGlashan admits sexual preference for Crayfish

The lefties have been vacillating between denial and pure hatred for over a week now since New Zealand voted for a kinder, more worldly experienced and normal type of Government.

Denial that the Labour Party had turned into an irrelevant, stinking, corrupt banana shaped turd and hatred for those in the National Party that might take away some of their free toys.

A high profile collective whose politics you know just by the fact that he is a musician, former Mutton Bird and now owner of a mansion in Grey Lynn , Don McGlashan, has got his red panties in a bunch because National have won the election and the arty farty types are going to have to cut back on the caviar, champagne and truffles because the 100s of millions of dollars of largesse doled out by former Arts Minister Helen Clark is about to slow to a mere trickle.

In an angry letter to the network, McGlashan said he had never voted National and "would rather have sex with a very ugly crayfish than let them use my music".

McGlashan told the Herald on Sunday he was out during the broadcast, but later came home to find his daughter, Pearl, in shock.

"There was a death-in-the-family atmosphere when I got home.

"My daughter came running in from just having seen it and said `I've got some terrible news for you'.

TVNZ has an agreement with the Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA) to play a range of New Zealand music at a set fee.

The association's executive director of New Zealand operations, Anthony Healey, said that he understood McGlashan's anger but TVNZ had done nothing wrong. More

The precious former singer and now grumpy old **nt, was upset that his song Anchor Me was used to underplay a clip in a post-election montage involving National's win.

Mc Glashan was paid for the privilege.

May I suggest a couple of other songs to play from former music bigs and well noted lefties from New Zealand to commemorate Nationals big win last Saturday.

Dave Dobbyn's Bliss, Tim Finn's Staring at the Embers and Neil Finn's Message to my Girl-you lost.

Pull your head in Don, you are getting paid for the use of your song and agreed through APRA that it could be used.

Perhaps now you and your ilk can earn a living without taxpayer handouts, although I am guessing that thousands of National voters might now be re-considering buying one of your long ago recorded albums from the bargain bin at the Warehouse for a Christmas pressie.

Music to my ears.

c Political Animal 2008

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