Sunday, 2 November 2008

Drowning Clark grasping at Maori straws

Desperate stuff from the Prime Minister today.

Knowing that Winston Peters may not return come election day, she has now latched on to the Maori Party.

To people she once described as "haters and wreckers" and "the last cab off the rank" Clark will now flip flop again on Labour Party policy by entrenching the Maori seats.

"Its not our policy" in an answer to a Gyon Espiner question before the 2005 Election to entrenchment in 2008.

Maori voters should be well warned that this is nothing but a political move. She has had 9 years to move on this and just as her head is about to slip into the waters of political oblivion she now loves Maoris again.

Shameful desperate politics.

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