Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Duncan Donut

Duncan Garner reiterates his journalistic integrity today over releasing "secret tapes" supplied to him by Labour Party insiders:

3 News political reporter Duncan Garner says "it is not 3 News’ job to censor the news".

“If we didn't report it we would be failing in our duty…all 3 News can do is broadcast the material and be as balanced and as careful about it as possible,” he said. TV3.co.nz

Its a shame he forgot another essential journalistic rule, it ain't 3 News job to manufacture news either, its their job to simply report it.

Balanced? a chip on both of "the Donut's" shoulders is the truth of the matter.

It isnt easy to tell the difference
between Duncan Garner and a 
high calorie,low nutritional value
Dunkin Donut.

*Duncan Garner is henceforth to be called Duncan Donut by this blog because Duncan has a hole in the middle where his journalistic intergrity should be and donuts make you fat, like Duncan.

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