Monday, 17 November 2008

Emissions trading review the first step towards sanity

The "review" by National of Labour's Emissions Trading Scheme, more commonly known as the Emissions Tax Scam, rushed through under urgency at the end of a dying Government is great news for New Zealand business and of course individuals as a whole.

While the detail of the review is not clear, any relaxing of the cost to Kiwis that the scheme was set to foist onto every family-at least $6000 per household per year-cant be a bad thing.

Annoying morons like Rod Oram from The Sunday Star Times is icing on the cake and he was in hyper greenie/commie mode last Sunday over Nationals review.

The Environment and Conservation Organisations of NZ continue dribbling:

National and ACT by putting on hold climate change action and reviewing the emissions trading regime is making New Zealand an irrelevancy in international negotiations in the lead up to the crucial Demark meeting on Climate Change at the end of next year 2009. More

The contrary is actually the case. Changing or removing the ETS completely would make New Zealand the most relevant country in the world in relation to Global Warming. 

Leading the world back to sanity would mark us out again as the little country that could. We did it before in the 70s and 80s over Nuclear power-ironically a power source that would improve the effects of Global Warming if you believed carbon had any effect on climate-and we can do it again, beginning with the repeal of Labours ETS scheme.

There will be much opposition to change from the extreme sectors of the country but it is all politically, financially and control motivated.

To relax or remove nutty legislation like the ETS Scheme is going to help our economy get back on track and certainly the 180 degree turn on building thermal power stations alone will help cement certainty for business-already established and those wishing to expand or enter the New Zealand market.

The carbon trading aspect of the ETS legislation, if introduced, would have led to the eventual collapse of the economy when the scheme inevitably imploded on its pyramid scheme made of ticky tacky and fairy dust and that is the most important part of the news that this scheme will be reviewed.

We can now all breathe a little easier.

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