Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Helen, it went off in my hand

The girls and boys from Labour and their official blog The Standard have just done the equivalent of climaxing before getting anywhere near the hole but in their case using both hands to self loathe, because they cant find a partner, when they released their "Whopper" election killer to Duncan Garner and TV3 today.

But wait, hold the mayo!

Labours filth digging has revealed a secret tape of Bill English simply giving his views on nutty Socialist Barack Obama:

I’m a bit worried about this whole Obama and Europe thing, just because there’s a limited effectiveness in being moralistic about international relations… and the US you can argue over do it - Bush should have put a different window dressing on it but there still needs to be someone willing to pull the trigger. Bill English

I lifted the quote above from The Standard because I couldn't find it anywhere else and they had been telegraphing their intentions to release the tape for some time so I knew where to look.

Apparently there are more premature ejaculatory gems like this one to come but Labours desperation just seems to dig an even bigger hole for them, that their sticky little fingers will not be able to dig themselves out of before election day.

Urggh, what a mess Labour have on their hands.

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