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How to Vote

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Information on how to vote in the November 8 election, from Elections New Zealand -


Anyone who is enrolled by Friday 7 November can vote in the general election.

If you are enrolled by Wednesday 8 October you will receive an EasyVote information pack from the Chief Electoral Office.

It contains all the information you need, including an EasyVote card or letter to take to the polling place to make voting easier.


You can vote at a polling place between 9.00am and 7.00pm on election day, Saturday 8 November.

If you are not going to be in your electorate on election day you can vote in advance from Wednesday 22 October.


Vote at one of the polling places in your electorate on election day.

A list of polling places and advance voting places in each electorate will be available on from Thursday 16 October and in the EasyVote pack.

If you are overseas during the voting period, you can cast an overseas vote.

If there are other reasons why you can't get to a polling place on election day, you may be able to cast a special declaration vote.


On election day, go to a polling place in your electorate.

If you have received an EasyVote card or a letter from the Chief Electoral Officer, take this with you. You can vote without an EasyVote card or letter, but it will take longer.

When you go vote, give your EasyVote card or letter to the issuing officer. If you don't have an EasyVote card or letter, you will need to tell the issuing officer your full name and address.

The issuing officer will give you your ballot paper.

Take your ballot paper to a private booth.

On your ballot paper, place a tick by the name of the political party of your choice and a tick by the name of the candidate you would most like to represent your electorate.

You can view a sample ballot paper.

Further information
Source: Elections NZ

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