Monday, 3 November 2008

John gets Pacific backing in Labour's turf

The fact that Inga the Winger and Iceman Jones are publicly backing John Key, in the very centre of Labours turf should not be lost on Helen Clark, Labour and its supporters.

Their reasons for the endorsement are based on their spiritual values, and their belief that the National Party could take Pacific people in a forward direction, the pair said today.

"We don't want our people just working in factories", said Tuigamala. "We want them starting to own those factories." They criticised Labour, saying they had undermined the moral values of Pacific people by decriminalising prostitution and allowing civil unions. More

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Yesterday other public personalities came out to support Key. Lifetime Labour voters Graham Lowe and Bevan Docherty yesterday came out to back Key as their man and endorse him as a way forward.

It is great to see young Pacific voters putting aside their Labour Party "histories", to be inspired by a party and a man that will suit them better for the future.

Labour think they "own" these people and in a way they do. Many are struggling on the welfare which Labour have them dependant on. I think they are slowly realising that being independent rather than dependant is the way forward.

It makes me feel proud just thinking about it.

Good on ya John.

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