Saturday, 1 November 2008

Key VS Clark: Principles

John Key's politically savvy decision to put Winston Peters in his place a few months back and refuse to do a post election deal with him should be seen by the wider voting public for what it is.

Highly principled.

Peters has been embroiled in scandal, paybacks and political corruption-just like his senior partner in government, the Labour Party-and the latest detail out today about the Vela Family donations to Winnie only vindicate Key's initial move.

The decision will do well for Key come polling day but we know he didn't do it purely for political reasons because he may need a support partner after grabbing the majority of votes on Saturday November 8. 

He has said he would rather not form a Government by relying on a corrupt individual for votes in the house but that is the price that one pays for having principles.

Helen Clark on the other hand has refused to sack Peters, leaving him in some sort of limbo land of Wonderland purgatory, where he somehow gets to keep his baubles while not having his position of responsibility.

Serious issues surround her Minister but she refuses to budge. The latest Vela revelations out today will no doubt be more of the same for her.

Hold on to absolute power at all costs and try and retain it, at all costs again, even if that means using taxpayer money to illegitimately smear your opposition, then lie about your involvement.

It is political pragmatism at best and political corruption at worst. Something that out Prime Minister has perfected over the last 9 years.

This is what intelligent people will see as a lack of principle from our Prime Minister. Her standards are low and therefore her principles simply reflect that.

An interesting contrast to John Keys highly moral and principled stand.

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