Sunday, 16 November 2008

Key's whirlwind continues

What has taken all previous MMP governments weeks to organise has taken John Key less than a week.

He has announced his new government this morning even before officially being sworn in as Prime Minister.

Prime Minister elect John Key has announced the formation of a National-led centre-right government.

Act won five seats on election night and along with United Future, which won one, pledged to support National, meaning National's haul of 59 seats assured it a majority in the incoming 122-member Parliament.But Mr Key's successs in signing up the Maori Party means National could command 70 votes on confidence and supply issues.

Mr Key's formal inking of the deals paves the way for him to announce his Cabinet tomorrow and for him and his ministers to be sworn in on Wednesday.

That will allow Mr Key to fly out on Thursday to the Apec summit in Peru at the weekend as New Zealand's new Prime Minister. More

Not bad for a Prime Minister who was called a "politician with training wheels" by former Labour leader Helen Clark.

This caps Keys meteoric rise in Parliament from MP just six years ago to one of New Zealands youngest and most qualified individuals to take the position of Prime Minister.

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