Saturday, 8 November 2008

National wins 2008 New Zealand Election

National have won by a large margin in the 2008 New Zealand Election on November 8 2008.

There was a big swing towards John Key and the National Party election night and the momentum that began weeks before election day continued as Key's party swept away the opposition Labour Party and its leader Helen Clark.

Winston Peters has finally gone from Parliament and Helen Clark is now looking for a position as a lecturer at AUT.

The big negative affect on the result was the pre-election dirt digging by Labour,the continued intervention of the Nanny State in Kiwi's lives and the poor management of the economy by Michael Cullen.

Rodney Hides yellow jacket worked for him and he managed a better result than 2005.

A good result for common sense, a good result for National, and a great result for New Zealand for the future.

Helen Clark gave the concession phone call after 99% of the vote was counted.

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