Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Nice Helen vs Evil Helen

Tonight's final TV One leaders debate went to John Key, he stamped his authority over the whole process, was natural and comfortable and just did the business.

On the other hand Helen Clark looked more uncomfortable than she has in any of the 3 TV debates.

She had been "Ms Nasty" in the last two debates, but after the two pointless smears by her and Labour on National this week backfired she has been told by advisers to be  "Nice Helen".

It didn't work though.

She tried to be personable, tell funny anecdotes-John Key does this well and is natural- to make herself look more human but she didn't look comfortable being someone she is not.

At one point when you could see the "sucking lemons" face come after a question John Key answered well, she answered in the uncharacteristic "nice" way and her upper lip did an Elvis twitch as the two Helen's fought for control.

The fact is that she is a corrosive, partisan, bitter individual who is more comfortable with conflict and going from Cruella Deville to Mary Poppins just doest suit her. Kiwis can see right through it.

Swinging voters will not be persuaded by her half-baked Hollywood this evening.

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