Friday, 7 November 2008

POLL: Fairfax Nielson Poll: 7 November 2008

The Fairfax Nielson Poll for 7 November 2008 puts National well into the lead with a similar margin to last months poll.

Today's Fairfax-Nielsen poll shows National has opened up an 18-point lead - 49 per cent support compared with Labour's 31 per cent - and a last-minute surge in support for ACT would put John Key in a position to pick his new Cabinet.

Labour leader Helen Clark has thumbed her nose at the poll findings - but two other polls last night also show National in a position to govern.

Miss Clark, who is hitting the shopping malls and factory floors in a frantic last-minute push to shore up the key South Auckland vote, issued yesterday her plea to voters: "I'm saying this is one for the true believers. If people want a Labour-led government, they'll get out and vote for it." more

The Colmar Brunton and TNS TV3 polls out yesterday gave the Nats a 12 and 13 point lead so voters should probably see those two polls as more accurate.

As I remarked in a poll yesterday though this doesn't take into effect the feeling for a change sweeping across the nation.

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