Thursday, 6 November 2008

POLL: TV3 TNS Poll 6 November 2008

The latest TV3 TNS poll for November 6 2008 shows a collapse of Labour support, from over 37% in the last TNS poll to 33% in today's poll.

National is up almost one percent to 46.

Labour's vote collapses to just over 33. It is being punished for president Mike Williams’ failed trip to Melbourne to dig up dirt on John Key.

The Greens are coasting at 9 percent - the highest ever result in a 3 News poll.

New Zealand First is on 3.4 percent – and facing oblivion on Saturday.

ACT has received a last minute boost - 2.8 - that would see Roger Douglas in parliament.

The Maori Party is on 2.7 – and is expected to win at least four seats - most likely five.

Jim Anderton's Progressives and United Future's Peter Dunne are off the pace - but will win their seats.

In parliament, 62 seats are needed to govern - National has 59, ACT four, and Peter Dunne one - that's 64 and John Key is running the country.

Across in opposition, Labour has just 42 seats, the Greens 12, Jim Anderton one - add in the Maori Party -  and even then they fail to govern, with 59 seats. More

Today's TV One Colmar Brunton poll has a similar lead to National-just differing by 1 point- but with slightly different figures.

TV3 has been the odd one out in polls wildly swinging so its similarity with the Colmar poll confirms the trend of a healthy lead for National.

There will be 3 more polls out tomorrow. Fairfax Nielson, NZ Herald Digipoll and Roy Morgan.

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